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Dara Straw Vegan Sustainable Beach Bag


Discover the Art of Sustainable Elegance

Dive into the heart of sustainable luxury with the Dara Straw Vegan Sustainable Beach Bag from Thai Bag Co. Our creations are not just bags but a statement of eco-conscious elegance. Our bags are crafted from Water Hyacinth straw, harvested by our incredible team in Phayao, Northern Thailand; every bag captures the essence of sustainable sophistication.

A Tapestry of Tradition

Our bags are a testament to the time-honored tradition of handweaving, an art passed down through generations in the serene landscapes of Phayao. Each piece takes 24-36 hours to weave, relying on the nimble hands of local artisans. This process supports a rich history of bag and straw weaving and ensures that every creation is unique, echoing the soul of Thai craftsmanship.

Personalised Perfection 

In today's fast-paced world, uniqueness is a currency. Recognising this, we offer bespoke services, allowing for customisations in size and colour. This attention to personal preference ensures something for everyone, from mother-daughter matching bags to individualised stylistic choices, making each bag a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Globally Connected, Locally Crafted

With an appreciation for the global community of fashion enthusiasts, Thai Bag Co extends its reach far beyond Thailand's borders. We're thrilled to offer an EMS or DHL worldwide fast airfreight service for 3-5 day delivery. Every bag is carefully packaged, ensuring that the piece of art you ordered arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition.

Empowering Communities

At the core of our mission lies the well-being of the local communities in Phayao. By choosing a Dara Straw Bag, you're directly supporting the livelihoods of the village artisans. Our practices are rooted in ethical production, providing fair employment opportunities, and nurturing the local economy.

Artistry in Every Strand

The distinction of Thai Bag Co's products lies in their authenticity. Nothing about our bags is machine-made. Each straw is a narrative of sustainable sourcing, making not just an environmental statement but also showcasing the artisanal talent that goes into weaving each bag.

Exclusive Creations for Discerning Customers

In mass-produced fashion, standing out means choosing pieces that tell a story. Our bags are not just accessories; they celebrate individuality and tradition. Each order is infused with love, attention to detail, and a dedication to maintaining the integrity of Thai weaving techniques.

A Fusion of Fashion and Tradition

Creating our bags is deeply interwoven with Buddhist principles of art and beauty. Traditional weaving is not merely about creating a product; it's an act of spiritual homage, embedding each bag with cultural and religious significance. 

Stylishly Yours

For those looking to add a personal touch or envisioning a specific design, we welcome your ideas with open arms. Explore our accessories page for a wealth of options to customise your bag, from fabrics to additional adornments, crafting a piece that genuinely reflects your essence.

We Are Here for You

Our dedication to outstanding customer service is as strong as our commitment to traditional crafting techniques. If you have a design in mind or any questions about our process, we encourage you to use our Contact Us enquiry form. For more detailed information and answers to common queries, our FAQ page is a wonderful trove of insights. Choosing a Dara Straw Vegan Sustainable Beach Bag by Thai Bag Co means more than just owning a beautiful accessory. It's about embracing a lifestyle of conscientious fashion, supporting authentic craftsmanship, and making a difference one bag at a time. Your piece awaits, and we look forward to bringing your vision to life.