Straw Drawstring Bags & Purses

Welcome to Our Straw Drawstring Bags & Purses Collection

Welcome to our Straw Drawstring Bags & Purses at Thai Bag Co., a fascinating world of craftsmanshiptradition, and sustainability. Located in Northern Thailand, our family-owned business has made available a collection that enhances your look while considering eco-friendly practices and support towards local artisans.

The Essence of Handcrafted Thai Design

In this particular assortment, some handmade raffia purses and bags combine the timeless taste of Thai design with modern fashion trends. Each straw bag created by Phayao’s skilled community artisans embodies their heritage and their culture through threadwork. Thus, it takes them between 24 and 36 hours to produce an item so similar but different in each way, giving you a one-of-a-kind bag to wear.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to incorporating the environment into every aspect of our business. By choosing invasive water hyacinth plants as our primary material, we have made sustainable vegan bags and preserved Thailand’s natural landscapes. The grass is then harvested, cut, and sun-dried before being used, thus emphasising sustainable fashion essence and practices.

Versatile and Stylish Options for Every Occasion

It’s about more than just the bags; it’s about what they mean. If you need a perfect beach bag, a stylish shoulder bag, or even an all-purpose tote, our assortment covers any taste and occasion. There are diverse options, ranging from vivid colours and earthly shades to elaborate patterns or simple designs, for everyone. These treasures from Thai artisans can be shipped directly to your wardrobe via express worldwide shipping, irrespective of wherever your international place of residence is located.

Customisation and Personalisation

For those who want to add personality elements to their accessory set, we offer custom-made handbags, amongst other things, like names printed pendants in different materials, pom-poms or fabric handles, amongst many others, using a variety of accessories available that will give them identity elements as well as make them unique personalised pieces. Moreover, for mothers who may want their daughters to share this beauty, we have matching mother-daughter sets that provide an enjoyable and fashionable bonding experience.

Supporting Community and Tradition

A community, not just a brand, is what we stand for at The Thai Bag Co. By choosing one of our straw drawstring bags or purses, you’re elevating your style, supporting local employees, empowering communities, and keeping traditional weaving techniques alive. Choose with us a conscious environment option and celebrate Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and its people’s incredible talent.

Discover Functional and Sustainable Designs

When you browse our collection of Straw Drawstring Bags & purses, expect to find beautiful, functional, sustainable designs. That’s ideal for finding your next statement piece, which will be a companion in many adventures and will represent the Thai craftsman spirit forever.

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