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Welcome to the Glittery Reality of The Thai Bag Co.

Welcome to the glittery reality of The Thai Bag Co., in which every item is a history of customskill, and sustainable magnificence. Our Straw Designer Bags & Purses collection takes you on a colourful journey through Thailand’s superb artisan heritage. All the bags are accessories and expressions of love that require time to be made by skilled artisans in our communities.

Sustainable and High-End Fashion

Our environmentally friendly straw bags embody sustainability and high-end fashion from Thailand’s sun-soaked fields. Each piece, carefully handmade, reflects the smell of Thai culture as it merges the traditional and the modern in an attractive design symphony. Whether you need a chic tote for your beach holiday, an excellent shoulder bag for exploring urban environments, or want to make yourself look different with evening wear, our assortment has something special.

Commitment to Environmentalism

Our straw raffia bags are renowned not just for their beauty but also for their commitment to environmentalism. To do so, we gather water hyacinth plants from natural sources, which are eco-friendly and non-native species, ensuring that each bag is stylish and kind to the environment. Therefore, these bags suit purchasers who wish to remain eco-sensitive while staying up-to-date regarding fashion.

Supporting Local Artisans

However, this involves more than simply bags; it is about the individuals behind them. By opting for The Thai Bag Co., you support local efforts to safeguard weaving traditions across Thailand’s societies and preserve its rich tapestry. These pieces carry cultural verity straight from the town of Phayao in northern Thailand, where our artisans reside.

Personalised Designs and Options

For customers seeking personalised versions, we offer numerous options using bespoke design services. From custom designs to personalised colour choices, there are endless possibilities for your bag accessories with us as designers. Various accessory combinations, including pom-poms and fabric handle options, can create unique straw bags specific to your tastes.

Timeless Sophistication and Versatility

Our collection epitomises vibrant colours, elaborate motifs, and timeless sophistication. Our classic designs in earthy shades, combined with bursts of colour for the more modern pieces, allow you to effortlessly switch from day to evening or casual to formal wear.

Celebrate Thai Bag-Making Art

Please join us as we celebrate Thai bag-making art. Check out our straw designer bags and purses selection today; choose the most appropriate companion for your next outing. Thus, with fast international shipping services, excellent customer care experiences, and a big heart for eco-living, The Thai Bag Co. is a doorway into the eclectic domain of handmade and nature-friendly fashion.

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Chai Son Straw Rattan Woven Ladies Fashion Bag Purse


Eco-conscious and Stylish

Discover the exquisite Chai Son Straw Rattan Woven Ladies Fashion Bag, a testament to sustainable luxury and craftsmanship. The water hyacinth straw, sourced from the waterways of Phayao, Northern Thailand, sets the foundation for this eco-friendly accessory masterpiece. This plant, known for its rapid growth and invasive nature, finds a new purpose in our stylish creations, contributing to the ecological balance and sustainability efforts in the region.

Handcrafted Excellence

At our family-run establishment, seasoned artisans expertly handweave each bag from Thai Bag Co. over 24-36 hours, demonstrating their love and skill. These dedicated craftsmen and women pour years of tradition and unparalleled skill into every stitch, ensuring that your bag not only carries your essentials but also a rich history of Thai weaving art.

Uniquely Yours

In a world that values personalisation, our bags provide an opportunity to express your unique style. With customisable options for size, colour, and design, these bespoke creations allow you to coordinate effortlessly, even with the little ones, offering delightful mother-daughter matching bags.

Versatile and Sustainable Fashion

Whether it's a day at the beach or a casual outing, our versatile design philosophy ensures that each bag is suitable for multiple occasions. By choosing the Chai Son Straw Bag, you opt for fashion that respects the planet, showcasing vibrant hues achieved through natural dyeing processes and staying true to our commitment to sustainable fashion.

Ethical Craftsmanship

By engaging with Thai Bag Co., you're not just acquiring a fashion item; you're supporting a network of artisans and families in Phayao. Our approach to ethical production ensures fair employment practices, enriching the community while preserving local craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Worldwide Reach

We understand the desire for exceptional fashion is global. Hence, we offer international shipping via EMS or DHL, ensuring your piece of Thai artistry arrives at your doorstep within 3-5 working days after production, connecting eco-conscious style enthusiasts around the world to Thai artisanal traditions.

Timeless Thai Artistry

The bags we create are more than accessories; they are carriers of tradition, blending centuries-old Buddhist weaving art with contemporary fashion sensibilities. This time-honoured craft not only enables us to preserve a vital part of Thai culture but also to share its beauty and spiritual significance globally.

A Work of Art

When you choose a Chai Son Straw Woven Fashion Bag, you're acquiring a unique piece of art. Each bag's distinct character speaks to those who dare to be different, embodying authenticity and craftsmanship with hearts unmatched by mass-produced alternatives.

Create Your Dream Bag

Dreaming of a custom design? Thai Bag Co. welcomes your creative ideas and styles. Our extensive range of fabrics and accessories on our accessories page invites you to co-design your dream bag, ensuring your vision comes to life, woven with precision and care.

We'd love to Hear From You

At Thai Bag Co., every customer's input and imagination fuel our passion. Whether it's a question about our craft, a bespoke design inquiry, or feedback, we invite you to reach out through our Contact Us page. For further queries on ordering and our products, our comprehensive FAQ's page is always available, providing invaluable insights into our bags, ordering processes, and more. Connect with us, and together, let's keep the tradition of Thai straw weaving alive, one fashionable and sustainable bag at a time.