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Your Top Three Comfortable Handbags for the Fall Season

Accessibility is still an issue, despite how great fashion is and everything else there is to say about it. We need to talk about this, how it affects all of us as customers, and why we are harmed when fashion is unavailable.

Samantha Renke is particularly articulate regarding this topic; she even has her very own hashtag, #TheDailyRenke, to use while discussing it. In one of her posts, she discusses the concept of the “Purple Pound,” which refers to the aggregate purchasing power of the disabled population. Because a market that has not been fully exploited is potentially worth a significant amount of money, one could wonder why so few businesses are doing so. Looking at this emerging market when there is global upheaval and trade is feeling the strain is crucial. Because of this, I have compiled a list of the three most easily available handbags.

“Be a Nice Human, Born Anxious”

Born Anxious is a clothing line that caters to those on the autism spectrum and is owned by a woman with a kid on the range. The Born Anxious assortment consists of items not often seen as appropriate for individuals on the spectrum. The apparel is gentle and sensory-friendly, and there are no labels on any items. (These are only two of the challenges that persons with autism confront while trying to shop for clothes.) In addition, there is a wide selection of colors to accommodate the many different sensory requirements.

Finding this brand was like discovering a hidden treasure for someone with autism. I do not consider myself a particularly “fashion-forward” person since I generally like to dress in a manner that is consistent with my taste. In addition, I want to wear garments made of soft materials; I save the use of embellishments such as sequins and zippers for more formal occasions.

Be A Nice Human is a compilation created via a partnership with One Tuff Muvva and Born Anxious, and it is now available to you. Building a compassionate army is the goal of this initiative, which is inspired by hashtags like “Be Kind.” In addition, there are two distinct styles of handbags, one of which is a messenger handbag, in addition to a backpack. 

“The Samantha — Mia Tui”

God bless Samantha Renke; she has taken up a struggle for all of us and applied her abilities as a campaigner to the fashion industry. Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: the Samantha bag!

First things first: I am a huge fan of Mia Tui and have even collaborated with the brand in the past as a blogger. On the other hand, the Samantha was a gift for my birthday the year before, and I like having it.

Mia Tui has a ‘no rummaging’ guarantee. Each bag is crafted from vegan leather; the inside is either turquoise or cream in color, and there are specific sections for all of your items to be stored in. Samantha, however, is unique in that it does not exclude anybody. The mechanism for zipping up has been increased so that it is simple for everyone to use. (This is the one that appeals to me the most personally since, well, my motor skills are poor.) Some rings enable clips to connect it to a walker or wheelchair, and a concealed pocket may be used for items like medication.

“The Essentials Bag, Ffora”

Let’s get this out of the way: everyone knows that the point of fashion is to be noticed, right? This little “discussion” is going to end right there, and I’m going to put an end to it. A wheelchair should not be required to “cover up.” In light of this, Ford has developed items meant to be seen, and the basic bags are an outstanding illustration of this design philosophy. Their goods are created with visibility in mind.

The basic bag comes in several vibrant hues and may be linked to a wheelchair or worn over the shoulder, whichever method of transport is most comfortable for the user. Your most important items, such as your phone and keys, are now within easy reach.

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