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5 Second-hand Designer Bag Shops in Bangkok for Pre-owned Handbags

Even while Bangkok is well renowned as a destination for shopping, only those in the know know the city’s reputation as a location to discover pre-owned handbags. The variety is quite good, boasting labels like Chanel, YSL, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and collector’s one-of-a-kind and iconic vintage pieces. These little businesses may not appear like much from the outside, but anybody who has a keen eye for design can recognise the purses and clutches concealed behind the glass windows inside.

Do not expect that you will be able to get one of these pre-owned designer handbags for a price that is less than a few thousand baht… If the item is being offered at an unrealistically low price, it’s possible that it doesn’t even exist! Do not be concerned since we have located several reputable second-hand bag retailers in Bangkok for you to choose from.

The Lena House of the Brand Name

People knowledgeable about luxury handbags, watches, and other accessories hold Lena the BrandName House in high respect. The available brands are remarkable, with Louis Vuitton standing out as particularly stunning in terms of its diversity and selection. Fans of Louis Vuitton will find themselves in monogrammed nirvana, whether they choose the iconic Vernis or the more conventional canvas bags.

Because of its well-established reputation for providing bags at attractive prices, the stock moves quickly. Informed fashionistas will converse with Tid, the store’s proprietor, to preserve the things scheduled to arrive at the shop during the following two weeks. Don’t worry about it; there is so much here that it will be quite difficult to leave without purchasing something.

(Un) Fashion Vintage Collection

This is a second-hand leather shop, but there is a twist to it because not all of the bags here are made by renowned fashion designers. The vast majority are obscure names or businesses that are no longer in business, and some of the things shown are worthy of the shop’s nickname. The wonderful thing about this shop is that every week, there is a chance that you will find an amazing surprise here. It could be anything from an old-fashioned doctor’s bag from the 1970s, a suede shopper from Prada that probably hasn’t been seen on anyone’s arms for years, or a cute Gucci clutch from a few seasons ago. The possibilities are endless.

The selection includes items gathered from Japan, Europe, and even here in Thailand, so you can be certain that you will discover a diverse assortment of treats. The shop is divided into two sections: The first area is devoted to men’s clothing and bags (although it’s worth having a rummage here as well if females are searching for a more satchel style of bag). In contrast, the second section concentrates on women’s clothing and accessories. In addition to the handbags, there is also a range of footwear, neckties, and other minor accessories.

Brand lover Cafe is Located at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand.

The front of this bag store does not have a name, but if we’re being honest, it doesn’t need one. The merchandise in the windows is arranged more like artefacts in a museum, and for anybody who has a passion for luxury handbags, it is a genuine treat for the eyes to take in sight. The primary window displays a curated selection of high-end bags.

When you enter the store, you will see that it is quite light and spacious inside, with a high ceiling and shelves stocked with bags of many sizes and shapes. The staff here is welcoming, and they have a strong working relationship with their designers. Because some handbags are brand new, you should be sure to inquire about pre-owned and vintage handbags, as they are considerably more reasonably priced.

Label List Vintage Vibes

The proprietor of Labellist Bangkok is a kind and welcoming woman with a strong interest in handbags. You can find her perched on the couch designed in the style of Louis XIV in the centre of this bag shop’s exquisite display. Her favourite Hermes handbags are the Kelly and the Birkin, which are notoriously difficult to get and have been known to be the subject of violent competition. Because she receives new stock every week, often in response to requests from her regular customers, you shouldn’t be shocked to see items on display whose prices are beyond your budget range.

We have only seen Mulberry bags at a few other stores around town, and this is one of them. The wonderful condition YSL Muse bag in sky blue and a slouchy second-hand Chloe Bay bag in tan from the Spring/Summer 2007 collection are two of our favourite options from this selection. Both of these bags are Bay bags.

Because of their enthusiasm for luxury handbags, the women who run the second-hand bag store known as Lux Bangkok decided to open the business. After stocked their closets to capacity, they decided it was time to pass on their expertise and contacts to the rest of Bangkok. Their inventory includes pre-owned, vintage, and even sometimes collectable high-fashion handbags when they have them available. You won’t find better deals on designer goods elsewhere in the city than those offered here. Some unique labels, such as Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, and Miu Miu, may be found at this store. The price of a modest bag often starts at around 6,000 Thai Baht.

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