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Want Some Ideas for Bags Here Are Seven of the Best Blogs to Read

Anywhere you look, you can find inspiration (and especially on Pinterest, yes). From our discussions on Facebook, I know that some of you find motivation in pondering geometric forms. In contrast, others are sparked to action by seeing a lovely bolt of fabric or an intriguing new design.

I want to propose a new form of window shopping, blog shopping, to you today. The bloggers who compiled this list share your passion for all things leather goods, as seen by their frequent mentions of handbags, purses, backpacks, bags, clutches, and the like. Others care about their appearance and use handbags as a last touch. However, we now have major bag envy.

Purses and I

One of the most well-known Italian fashion bloggers, Laura Comolli, writes the blog Purses and I. Smaller handbags, especially those with cute animal faces or unique details like fringe, are Laura’s specialty. Please visit her blog if it’s the sort of thing that interests you in your everyday exploits. She has worked out in both the English and Italian languages.

Philosophy Bags

This is the handbags section of the Italian fashion site Stylosophy. This site features several unique bags, styles, and concepts, such as the flowery clutch with a chain handle.

Curls and Bags

Nathalie, the Curls and Bags fashion and beauty blog writer, frequently features fashion, travel, and beauty-related content on the site. She often showcases her latest accessory purchase on her fashion blog, and this pastel pink leather bucket bag is no exception.

Bag Bliss

The Bag Bliss blog is another online ode to the adoration of high-end handbags. This blog conceals some wonderful ideas, like the leather tassel messenger flap seen here, even if the style and all the hoopla surrounding expensive bags aren’t your things.

Emmaline Bags

I’m guessing you’re already familiar with the Emmaline Bags blog, but if not, there’s always a place for praise in this world. Janelle’s site has everything a person interested in bag creation may want to read about, including independent patterns, tutorials, anecdotes, and more. Here is Janelle’s Manhattan bag for your viewing pleasure.

Made by Hank

Independent handbag line Made by Hank is the brainchild of designer, maker, and dreamer Katie Henry. While her blog is no longer being updated, she may still be followed on Facebook if you exhaust the archives (which include millions of ideas). Her taste is unique, and those handbags are gorgeous. Her “difficult ruffles” styles, like the one seen below, were my favorite. The fact that she strapped them on with old belts was great, too.

Waralee’s Day

Even if the final recommendation is an Instagram account rather than a blog, the clean, Japanese-inspired design will likely help you overlook this little flaw. Clean lines and soft colors characterize the artwork of Waralee’s Day.

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