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Vegan Handbag Companies Provide Ethical and Appealing Accessories

It is common knowledge that using fur as a fashion accessory is cruel and old-fashioned, but what about leather? That is a very lucrative endeavour. Even though a cowhide, crocodile skin, or suede handbag is generally what comes to mind when you think of a bag, the reality is that one billion animals are slaughtered for leather each year surprising.

Cows raised for their leather are often subjected to terrible living circumstances and painful procedures such as branding, tail-docking, and castration performed without anaesthesia or pain reliever. The environmental effect of deforestation, as well as the methane emissions caused by cattle ranching, is another significant reason for worry.

Thank goodness, forward-thinking vegan designers are changing the narrative with gorgeous, guilt-free bags. Many of these bags have received the Peta seal of approval, which guarantees that no animal products or animals have been experimented on in the manufacturing process.

However, aren’t alternatives made of synthetic leather awful for the environment? Back then, people used to refer to PVC as the “poison plastic” because of how filthy it was. However, many brands are opting for polyurethane (PU), which is still a synthetic material but is better for the environment than animal leather since it can be manufactured from recycled materials and produces just one-third of the harm.

Better yet, recycled materials or all-natural solutions like cork or plant-based leathers, manufactured from pineapple fibres, cactus leaves, or the pulp of fruits like apple and mango, are cutting a more sustainable road down the runway as well. Examples of these types of materials include:

You can find vegan bags almost anywhere these days, from Chanel to Gucci, but we’ve stuck to brands that create only vegan pieces. This way, you can shop without having to double-check a brand’s animal-friendly credentials, and if you’re vegan, you can support brands that align with your values all the way through.

We’ve compiled a list of the best vegan businesses for you to look over, whether you want a fancy clutch or a more affordable bag.


This business, which started in Milan, has a strong appeal to high fashion, but respect for the environment is its foundation. In addition to using recycled plastic bottles and nylon that is partially made of reclaimed fishing nets for its linings, labels, and stitching, the brand looks to plant-based leathers made from apple and cactus, as well as cork, cotton, and “eco-fur,” which is made from recycled polyester, for its materials.

Its styles vary from moc croc to pillowy clutches, but our favourite is this slim PU leather baguette bag (£220, Smooth and fluffy, it hangs so elegantly you’d forget it was there. Are you certain? Additionally, the label pledges to plant a tree for every bag purchased.

There is a fee of £50 (£42) to ship Themoire to the United Kingdom, and tariffs are not included in the price; however, you may alternatively purchase it via the UK-based store Farfetch.

Stella McCartney

When you think of Stella McCartney’s namesake label, you undoubtedly have her line of vegan clothing in mind. Since the company’s start more than a decade ago, its cruelty-free products have been worn by celebrities, including Kate Moss, Rhianna, and Kim K. The Falabella tote, which retails for £830 on the Stella McCartney website, is possibly the most notable of these products. Circularity and sustainability have been essential cornerstones of the brand for a long time, whether that has meant striving for novel materials (such as mushroom leather and vegan silk) or being a zero-deforestation label as far back as 2016.

Big on recycled materials, all of the bags are lined with recycled polyester. Whether you’re looking for something for a night out or a large raffia tote to take to the beach (here’s hoping), the choices are myriad, spanning metallics, mock croc, denim, and crochet. The options are whether you’re after something for a night out or a large raffia tote to take to the beach (here’s hoping). We like the elegant simplicity of the Stella hobo shoulder bag by Stella McCartney (£570; available at, which has a highly structured design and easily slides on and off the shoulder. It gives off the impression of being constructed to endure thanks to the use of PU and recycled polyester in its construction, and the plush inside is quite comfortable.


Bags created by Thamon are one of a kind and pay homage to the natural world. The firm, established in London but since relocated to Bangkok, makes bags of all shapes and sizes, all of which give the impression that they have been picked up off the ground. Handmade from fallen teak leaves chosen, treated, and dyed, each has a one-of-a-kind, organic design and colourway that ranges from green to black, beige, and blue.

It was a genuine one-of-a-kind experience to run our fingertips over the slightly raised leaf design on the box vegan crossbody (£52, Thamon. co), while the item itself is lightweight and of great quality. A little pocket is also inside the bag, which is ideal for storing cards and train tickets if you do not have a purse for the evening.

The teak leaf is naturally durable and lighter than real leather. Additionally, by collecting leaves from the ground, fewer leaves could potentially cause forest fires once the dry season arrives. This is not their only selling point. However, beauty is also one of their selling points. A look at this collection is highly recommended because of how unique and interesting it is.

It is important to note that taxes and tariffs are not included in the shipping cost of £8.99 to the UK, which is waived for orders that total more than £100.

Frida Rome

Manchester-based Two former friends and current business partners came up with the idea for Frida Rome to infuse the market with personality, elegance, and a sense of fun. After spending two years looking for leather and suede substitutes that were as close to the real thing as possible, the couple ultimately decided to use imitation leather manufactured from cactus and apple, as well as recycled cotton and eco-suede, including partly recycled PET plastic. We have firsthand experience with cactus leather, and its appearance and texture are eerily similar to traditional leather.

Even though there are just three styles available—a boxy crossbody bag, a slouchy tote, and a shoulder bag backpack—each look is stylish, polished, and just a touch of punk. To tap into the “bad girls who do good things” tagline, each bag is made in the United Kingdom, is free of PVC and cruelty, and has an (optional) erotic story laced into the lining. This unique selling proposition (USP) raised a few eyebrows during a pitch on the British show Dragon’s Den at the end of last year (spoiler: they got the gig).

We checked out the brand’s first bag, the week/end crossbody. It is a punky, gold-studded piece of art and costs 275 pounds ( You can switch the shoulder strap for the bag’s handle if you are going to a more elegant event. It’s also fascinating that the whole load can be dismantled into its parts, which is useful when you’re putting it away. They are all contained in packaging that can be recycled, which is another wonderful touch.


Wilby, a brand born and raised in Chelsea and established in 2013, was initially focused on the clutch. However, the brand’s collection has since expanded to include sophisticated totes, classic handbags, and country bags; these bags are Peta-approved and are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Be on the lookout for materials like PU, cork croc skin, organic cotton, and recycled fabric. These stylish and functional clutches start at approximately £30, making them very affordable. After giving this lovely PU black chess handbag (£120, a try, I can say that it seemed high quality and was constructed with durability. I particularly like the style of subtly referencing the chess piece. There is an adjustable and removable shoulder strap for less formal occasions, and the similarity is remarkable if you want highly textured leather grains.

JW Pei

JW PEI, situated in Los Angeles, can tap into current trends, and, the joy of joys, many of its bags are priced comfortably below the mark of £100. JW PEI is worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Emma Ratajkowski. The materials that go into their products include canvas, polyurethane, recycled nylon, and fabric manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Its designs are simple yet fun, offering vibrant and subdued colour palettes. Pillowy shapes, ruched straps, thick chains, and sleek fake croc patterns will be seen on various handbags, including crossbody bags, shoulder bags, satchels, and totes.

We are utterly fascinated with this dreamily daring custard yellow Gabbi bag (£79,, which has a ruched handle and a gratifying snap-to-close – it is robust yet flexible, and it has a buttery smooth texture. This is a composition that can be used in many different ways, and it has the potential to be the highlight as well as the finishing touch of any ensemble. It should not come as a surprise that it is presently unavailable for purchase on the Fenwick website, but you may still find it in stock in some of their physical locations.

Melie Bianco

Bags by Melie Bianco, situated in Los Angeles and free from PVC, are Peta-approved and much more elegant than their costs would lead one to believe. The business was established in 2003 and made modern designs utilising PU. The collections range from delightfully flamboyant to muted, and whether you’re looking for a crochet style for the beach or a clean, plain tote for work, there’s a style to fit. This moss-coloured, ruched shoulder bag with an interesting design that can be felt was one of our favourites from (£125; also available at The shoulder strap can be removed. Or, you could boost your sustainable credentials with the brand’s collection of products that are created from recycled PU; the soft mint colourway is our favourite of these (£110;

The cost to ship an item to the United Kingdom is £38; however, taxes and customs are not included in this pricing.


Murali is all about bringing us closer to nature; the only materials it uses are natural ones, so this is a little bit of a departure from the norm. Because cork trees live for approximately 180 years and regenerate after the cork has been harvested, each bag is completely one-of-a-kind, biodegradable, and sustainable. The company’s headquarters are in London, and its Peta-approved bags are made with cork from Southern Spain and Portugal. In addition to providing a benefit to the natural world, using pins promotes the continued existence of cork trees. This is excellent news for the environment since cork trees absorb 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide yearly.

You can also rely on the cork to withstand some wear and tear, and each bag is water resistant in case you are caught in an unexpected downpour. The convenient outer pockets on the beta model (£155;, which also comes with a handy shoulder strap, are one of our favourite features of this bag. In terms of aesthetics, we wouldn’t be shocked if the naturally stunning cork pattern attracted the attention of a few people.


The creator of Luxtra, who started the company in 2018, had the concept for a conscious luxury brand steadily develop over many years. She was partly motivated by her mother’s choice to volunteer at an animal refuge for animals rescued from factory farms.

The label, which is based in London but is approved by PETA, is now producing its minimalist styles in Florence. Instead of synthetic materials, the brand opts for natural and innovative alternatives. Corn, for example, is used to making a more environmentally friendly version of artificial leather, and plant-based leathers made from pineapple, apple, cactus, and mango are some examples. The end products are stunning; we particularly like the cactus leather tote for its buttery softness and silky texture (£195; Additionally, the tote has a bag within a bag configuration, complete with a zippered compartment that can be used to store valuables.

Its supply chains are short, and care is given to promoting minority-owned suppliers, while its track record for supporting organisations like Dress for Success is great. In 2020, it will be certified as a B-corp, a sustainability certification that does not leave any stone unturned.

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