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Twelve Handbag Blogs to Follow for Up-to-date Trends

One of the best things about handbag blogs is that you can find insider information on lesser-known designers, new trends, what was seen during the fashion week, and even a blogger’s personal preferences about handbags. The top handbag blogs currently available are listed here on this blog. There are so many excellent handbag blogs out there. Why not find out a bit more about them?

Top Bag Blogs

Three variables were considered when selecting the top handbag blogs from among the countless blogs that were accessible.

  1. Is the blog frequently updated?
  2. Is the information current and pertinent to those who adore handbags?
  3. Did the blog have any distinctive or personal aspects that helped it stand out from the competition?

The Purse Blog

Every day, several new articles are posted to the PurseBlog. Most of those pieces concentrate on brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, but you’ll also get a glimpse of upcoming styles unveiled throughout the spring and fall fashion seasons. A handbag forum is a fantastic addition to the blog. You can talk with other readers and purse enthusiasts about your favourite brands and styles and obtain various purse fashion advice.

The Bag Snob

This blog offers hilarious, tongue-in-cheek commentary on designer handbags. You’ll be entertained while learning all the crucial details regarding upcoming collections and the author’s assessment of novel bags. The Bag Snob reviews designer handbags. Are you on a tight budget? A section for budget snobs is also available to assist you in locating less expensive goods or making a little dent in the cost of designer handbags.

Celebrity Bag Styles

Have you ever wished you could identify the designer of a handbag you saw a celebrity carrying? You may find all celebrity rumours on the Celebrity Bag Styles blog. You might even come across a couple of purses you hadn’t before considered. Cutting humour and juicy celebrity rumours are woven throughout the handbag commentary, making you cringe and chuckle simultaneously.

Bag Diaries Hag Bag Ingrid Chau-Go, a self-described bag snob, founded Hag Diaries in 2005. She did what many bloggers do: she used the internet to talk to her readers about her hobbies while pursuing her passion, in this case, bags. The appeal of this site is that it focuses more on comments and opinions than product promotion and making money. Chau-Go is witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable about handbags. This is the place to be if you want an unbiased opinion about a particular product. The website covers food and travel, bag reviews, and reflective blogging.

Bag Bliss

Bag Bliss touches on every angle relating to bags. A section is dedicated to retailers who carry expensive handbags, like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, and particular designer shops like Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff. Along with a section dedicated to the world’s most fabulous designers, there is a section that concentrates on different bag styles, such as totes, cross-body, and clutches. Over and beyond this, there are many blog posts analyzing handbags, designers, and trends.


Another popular and up-to-date blog devoted to bags is called PurseBop. Readers can learn about designers, fashion news, and the newest trends on the website. PurseBop is generally where you can find something if it is brand-new, popular, and bag-shaped.

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

The blog Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, which Rebecca Rushing founded in 2002, covers all purse-related topics. This website features emerging designers, trends, colours, and prints. There is no dullness or formality here; the posts are current and straightforward to read. This blog has established itself as an authoritative voice regarding high-end designers and current trends in the blogging and handbag industries.

Why Utilize a Handbag Blog?

Unlike websites for designer handbags, many blogs have the advantage that the opinions expressed on them come from sources unrelated to the product site itself. Although many blogs have relationships with the products they discuss and evaluate, they don’t engage in direct product sales as a product website does. Customers engage with this experience when blog authors share their personal opinions about accessories. Blogs contain much more than just products. They typically provide a more thorough summary of whatever the blog is dedicated to, providing thought and personality to the content being shared, as opposed to product websites. Do the necessary study if you want to learn about a handbag.


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