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Tutorial on Making Your Own Handmade Tote Bags

Bags are more of a necessity than a luxury item. When it comes to our day-to-day activities, we all need bags of some kind, whether it be a handmade tote bag, handmade diaper bag, or handmade wallet. If you are talented, creative, and resourceful, making your own tote bag from scratch is a simple and straightforward process. You will have your very own handcrafted wallet in no time at all if you just do a little bit of cutting here and some stitching there. Simply comply with the simple steps that are provided below to create your own handcrafted tote.

To begin, assemble all of the necessary components. In the course of this activity, we will handcraft a wallet that measures 6″ in length, 7″ in breadth, and 9″ in height, respectively. As a result, the handcrafted wallet will be constructed out of a piece of cloth that is 14 inches across and 26 inches long. You will need a cotton webbing strap of eighty inches in length in order to complete the handcrafted purse’s strap. If you want to make the pocket, you will need a piece of fabric that is 14 inches by 9 inches; however, making the pocket is optional. In addition to the cloth, a needle, scissors, and a sewing machine are necessities for this project.

First, place the broad fabric with the right side facing up, and then place the pocket fabric with the right side facing up. Place the unfinished edge of the fabric for the pocket in the 2.5 positions “underneath and running parallel to the top edge of the bag’s fabric.” A separate thread should be used to tack down the rough edges of the pocket fabric. This will act as a guide for you when you put the strap on the handmade wallet.

Step 2: Position a pin about halfway down the webbing strap and in the middle of the bag’s fabric. Put the pin on the strap in the same position as the one on the bag’s fabric. Place the strap so that it is centered on the strap placement mark on the right side of the bag, and make sure that it forms a continuous circle before turning below the overlapped end. Use a piece of tape to secure the straps in place wherever you want them to be. In a similar manner, tape the strap to the bag except for the last three inches near the bag’s edges which are shorter than the rest.

In the third step, you will attach the portion of the strap that finishes beneath the overlapping sides. Sew along the longer edge of the bag piece to the edge of the strap, crossing over the other end so that it is facing the other direction toward the edge of the bag. When you are sewing the overlapping straps to the bag, start by sewing along the opposite short edge of the bag all the way down, then cross the part of the bag where the edges meet, and then sew back up to the edge of the bag. Discontinue all stitching 2.5″ below the top edge of the table.

Fold the handcrafted tote in half lengthwise, with the incorrect sides facing each other at this stage (step 4). The layers may be held together with pins.

Step 5: With the correct sides of the fabric facing each other, fold the layers back from the pins to create a pleat at the end. Sew the layer together using a seam allowance of half an inch on all four edges.

Step 6 involves folding the top edge to the wrong side, adding an inch of hem, and stitching all the way around. Make sure there is a space between the entrance of the pocket and the fabric. Finish off the homemade wallet by sewing on the strap, and you are all set.

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