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Top 11 Luxury Handbag Blogs for Research and Reviews

We’ve selected the top luxury handbag blogs for you since we know you want them! Whether you’re seeking inspiration or want to know what’s popular, you’ll find something on this list that you can identify with. There is a bag blog for you whether you’re curious about the most recent bag news or are interested in luxury bags as works of art.

Why Browse Handbag Blogs?

Several magazines cover high-end handbags and fashion in general all around the globe. However, I like the closeness of handbag blogs personally. Getting someone’s viewpoint and innermost feelings without the pressure to purchase is satisfying.

They are also easier to access and more engaging. Handbag blogs are useful for the following things as well:

Reading Handbag Blogs to Do Research Before Purchasing

You may learn a lot from the thoughts and experiences found in handbag blogs. And they apply whether you’re looking to buy a Lady Dior, a Hermès Birkin, or are debating whether you should insure your collection of handbags.

And there are many different personalities among the purse blogs we’ve included. As a result, you’ll enjoy reading about their personal experiences and in-depth bag evaluations while being amused.

With Handbag Blogs, You May Be the First to Learn About Trends

You can rely on purse blogs to keep you updated on everything happening in the world of high-end handbags. You’ll learn who’s working with whom and what brand is introducing new merchandise.

Additionally, they’re a terrific site to visit if you’re searching for ideas on assembling items in unusual ways.

By Utilising Handbag Blogs, You May Locate Prices More Easily

Some high-end firms still don’t have pricing for their items listed on their websites, even though this tradition is fading away due to internet purchasing.

But don’t worry. You may consult your reliable purse blogs to find out about current costs and impending price increases for companies.

Good Handbag Blog Reviews May Make a Difference

One of my favourite things to read from bag bloggers is their reviews of handbag quality, which are often unavailable on the company’s website.

You’ll learn how to take care of your bag, what kind of fabric it is made of, and how well it holds up to wear and tear. Additionally, you should research since you’ll spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on just one bag.

Let’s Get Started With This List of the Top 11 Blogs on Luxury Handbags

  • 1- PurseBop Blog

PurseBop is the first place to visit on our tour of luxury designer handbag blogs. According to Monika, the website is a whimsical haven for ardent handbag enthusiasts. PurseBop undoubtedly transports you to a charming and even magical world of handbags.

The website is a top resource for news about fashion, designers, and the newest trends online. I like how simple and clutter-free the website is to use.

In addition, you may register for BopTalk. It’s a hosted community where you may exchange advice, rumours, and other information.

  • 2- Bag Snob Blog

Bag Snob has a part for lifestyle, style, beauty, travel, and a little of everything else. I like how each bag is featured in a different article on this purse blog. In this manner, you learn all the crucial details regarding the handbag.

You are also given a brief history of the purse’s creation and the author’s assessment of it.

The articles are fascinating and undoubtedly simplify the process of purchasing a purse. Kelly Cook and Tina Craig, who founded the site, are both incredibly giving with their expertise. After reading this comprehensive guide to detecting Hermes blind stamps, you may thank her later.

  • 3- Purse Blog

One of the most well-known handbag blogs providing news, release dates, and details on designer handbags and accessories are PurseBlog. The website is well-kept, and the mouthwatering images make you wish you had the money to purchase them all.

I really enjoy how the blog postings are written in a straightforward, friendly manner that makes it seem like you’re speaking to a friend.

You’ll like Purse Forum if you want to interact with other bag aficionados. You may discuss anything there, from buying suggestions to advise on how to clean leather.

In-depth conversations are also held on PurseForum about anything from the newest episodes of their users’ favourite reality programmes to the availability of exotic Hermès bags, Birkins bags and Kellys.

  • 4- Bags of Luxury Blog

Hermes is the king of luxury bags, baby! A huge collection of Hermes Bag Guides are available on the internet. Everything is covered, including checklists for purchasing bags, advice on how to take care of them, and information on investing in Hermes bags.

If you’re considering purchasing a Hermès, this is one of the greatest handbag blogs to read. You’re welcome to visit the site even if all you want to do is drool over gorgeous handbags.

  • 5- Handbag Fiend Blog

The most recent news on designer bags, pricing adjustments, and bag comparisons can all be found on Handbagholic. Additionally, you’ll get helpful hints and suggestions on topics like how to return a Louis Vuitton bag and if you can finance a Chanel bag.

  • 6- Scattered Style Blog

One of the purse blogs that impressed me is Spotted fashion. It’s simple for readers to learn about the specific items they wish to purchase thanks to the website’s well-selected information on the most recent high-end handbag collections, designs, and pricing.

If you’re searching for a resource to learn more about labels like Chanel and Celine, Louis Vuitton and Hermès, and others, Spotted fashion is the bag blog for you.

  • 7- Bragmybag Bag Blog

Another upscale bag site where you can look over the specifics and costs of your preferred designer brands is the Bragmybag blog.

You’ll always be informed since it evaluates future collections and covers new arrivals. It’s one of the top handbag blogs to check out as a resource when you look for expensive handbags.

  • 8- Sotheby’s Bag Blog

Sotheby’s is the biggest, most reliable, and most active market for fine art and luxury goods. Therefore, we assume they are also knowledgeable about high-end purses and accessories.

Jokes aside. You may immerse yourself in art and fashion on Sotheby’s website, along with the stories and discussions surrounding them. Additionally, you may be able to find a specific Hermès, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton item there if you’re seeking one.

  • 9- Fifth Avenue Girl Blog

What you’d anticipate from a bag blog is precisely what Fifth Avenue Girl is. It’s a good time and location to get style and lifestyle ideas. Check it out for buying tips and an inside look at high fashion.

You’ll also learn about the newest luxury product releases and fashion trends.

  • 10- MyBag Blog

Another of my favourite purse blogs to frequent is the My bag blog. To learn about the newest releases, style upgrades, and trends!

They encompass more than simply designer handbags. You may discover articles on Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and similar current companies. As a result, everyone can find something.

  • 11- The Bag Hag Diaries

The Bag Hag Diaries are the thoughts and observations of Ingrid Chua, the site’s creator. As a fashion and lifestyle writer, Ingrid is knowledgeable about handbags. Her bag evaluations are a treasure of knowledge and objective judgement.

Go And contrast the parts that interest you. This bag blog is also for you if you wish to master the premium designer bag jargon.

The top blogs about luxury handbags will keep you informed!

Have you set your sights on a pricey handbag? Get all the information from our favourite handbag blogs before you spend your hard-earned money on a luxury bag.

You’ll discover how to distinguish between imitation and real designer handbags and when sales and price adjustments are taking place. Happy exploring!

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