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The Latest Bags: Purses, Totes, and Handbags You Need to Have in 2022

These are the top new handbags to add to your collection in May, and they range from eye-catching clutches to purses that make a statement.

Tod’s Vacanze Italiane Bags Are Designed for Those Who Are Always on Vacation

Tod’s new bag designs, a part of the brand’s summer ‘Vacanze Italiane’ collection, take inspiration from the Italian vacation lifestyle. These new bag designs are the epitome of the ultimate “weekend bags.” The bags are crafted from leather and contain attractive raffia embellishments and design elements specific to the summer season. The primary focus of the bags is on enjoyment, joy, and amusement.

The Raffia Tote Bag From Prada is Perfect for Discretely Displaying All of Your Belongings.

This summer, raffia is the material of choice. Still, those who wish to maintain a sophisticated appearance may find that the black deconstructed bag offered by Prada is the most suitable option. The timeless holiday silhouette has been updated with a modern twist. Still, it has kept just enough of its vacation-inspired spirit to follow you wherever you go, whether to a deserted island or brunch in the middle of the city. The iconic Prada emblem is embroidered across the front of the item, making it the ideal beach bag with sophistication.

New Sadie Shapes From Mulberry’s Collection for a Youthful and Enjoyable Activity

This coming Summer 2022, Mulberry will release a new rendition of its well-known Sadie silhouette, characterised by fresh, modern patterns and vivid, eye-catching colours. Each design makes a statement while maintaining a carefree style that is great for daily usage. These designs vary from the whimsical Mini Sadie, a smaller incarnation and available in a selection of vibrantly coloured leathers, to the boxy Sadie Square and Sadie Rectangle. An adjustable shoulder strap and top handle chain enable different wear-ways, while each design is ideal for usage from day to night. This feature is one of our favourites, particularly when combined with the versatility of the plans. Lawn Green, Coral Orange, and Mulberry Pink are some of the colours that are used.

The Finance Collection for Those Who Dare to Be Different in Both Settings

This season, the news of Versace and Fendi’s new collaboration, which goes by the name Versace by Fendi, caused quite a stir in the fashion world. Each design from the ‘Fendace’ collection is fearless, confident, and brimming with love. These qualities were chosen to honour women, friendship, and the great energy that results when supporting females gather together. Those trying to stand out from the crowd may consider purchasing the tote in particular. The recognisable logomania from Fendi is combined with the Medusa emblem synonymous with Versace to create the ideal partner for individuals who aren’t scared to be themselves and express themselves.

Salon 03 by Bottega Veneta, for Its Adorable and Space-saving Designs

Even when we were first given a peek of Bottega’s Turn Pouch assortment in Wardrobe 03 as a part of the small leather goods collection, we couldn’t wait for more. We were excited to see what more the brand had for us. The Salon 03 collection has new variations available in a range of sizes, colourways, and materials. Sizes range from small to medium. A golden metallic sphere serves as the bag’s closure and transforms the pouch into a half-moon shape that can be worn comfortably over the shoulder. This bag was created to be both edgy and fun at the same time. The silhouette, which is available in parakeet gold, lantern gold, acid kiwi gold, black gold, and white gold, is a one-of-a-kind small statement piece that manages to match every ensemble.

Tod’s T Timeless for Getting Things Done While on Summer Vacation Tod’s T

Even while we are all about weekend bags and having fun in the summer, there are times when you feel like getting down to business and getting things done. We suggest the Tod’s T Timeless bag if that is how you are currently feeling. The design provides an easily trendy aesthetic suitable for various settings, from business lunches to more informal get-togethers with clients. It is elegant and refined yet comes together in a soft shape. The colour palettes include timeless tones like brick and brown, complemented with zingy undertones of yellow, turquoise, and bright red, respectively.

The New Vibe Line From Dior for Those Who Are Fit (…and Those Who Will Soon Be Fit)

This season, Dior is focusing on athletics and releasing a new collection of clothing that the attire used by athletes inspire. Some examples of this collection are biker shorts, polo shirts, and jackets. The new Dior Vibe bowling bag is one thing that we are especially fond of. These bags, which come in three different size choices — a tiny version in yellow and blue, a medium version in natural hues, and a hobo version in cerulean blue — are ideal for individuals who are fit and active or for those who are hoping to transition to a more active lifestyle this summer. A clutch bag is an excellent option in the search for an even more adaptable accessory.

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