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The History of the Famous Mulberry Brand

The History of the Famous Mulberry Brand

If you were to ask most modern women which handbag they would choose if they could have anyone they wanted, the overwhelming majority would undoubtedly respond “a Mulberry.”

The brand has established itself as the foremost designer of handbags not only in the United Kingdom but also around the globe since Mulberry handbags enjoy a significant level of renown in countries such as the United States and Asia. This summer, the business declared record sales and earnings despite operating in one of the most competitive retail markets in recent memory. The news sent shockwaves across the global financial community. It did come as a surprise to discover that the manufacturer of some of the most expensive handbags in the world has no shortage of customers willing to spend £800 or more on their most recent handbag, despite the fact that the global economy is teetering between recession and recovery and the credit crunch is hitting everybody’s pockets.

In 2010, Mulberry introduced a new handbag to the market that they named “Alexa.” As a result of several fashion publications falling all over themselves to pour admiration over the handbag’s flair and elegance, sales shot through the sky. Mulberry bags are a favourite among a wide variety of customers; the brand’s success isn’t dependent just on the acclaim of fashion journalists. Their designs are resonating with women all over the globe, and as a result, their brand is rapidly ascending the ranks to become one of the most wanted fashion brands operating on the planet in the present day.

The question “how do they get it so right” is one that many people ask about Mulberry, yet the solution to this question is difficult to come by.

Roger Saul was the only proprietor when the company was launched in the early 1970s. He began making elegant leather belts in the garage of his parent’s house and, with the help of his parents, they were soon supplying fashionable fashion stores, first in London and subsequently in Paris and New York. He is credited with starting a business in the United Kingdom.

The company expanded rapidly, and Mulberry continued to ride the crest of a wave of success. However, Saul’s decision to seek additional funding for the company proved disastrous because he and the new investors did not agree on key issues. As a result of a boardroom coup, Saul was forced to resign from the company that he had built up.

The business world can be ruthless, and in the years that followed, Mulberry moved from strength to strength despite its challenges. The new investors brought with them a wealth of experience in the administration of globally renowned luxury businesses, and they immediately got to work elevating Mulberry to the next level.

With a new creative team on board, they made gradual but steady progress toward transforming the brand into a design business of first British and then international reputation.

Today, Mulberry handbags continue to be one of the best sellers in the handbags industry all over the globe, and the introduction of the brand-new Mulberry bags indicates that the company’s ascent to the top of the handbags market shows no signs of slowing down.

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