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Best Places to Shop for Handbags and Other Accessories in Bangkok

A multitude of purses and other accessories may be found in Bangkok. These range from antique treasures manufactured before you were born to one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. How do you know where to purchase these necessities when there are pop-up sellers on every soi (street) and an excessive number of malls from which to choose? You don’t need to look any further since we have created a list of the top locations to purchase jewellery, purses, sunglasses, and other accessories in Bangkok; here is all you need to know about these shops.

The reputation of Khao San Road is not unanimous. Others choose to avoid away of this tourist trap at all costs, even though many budget travellers swear by it and say that it was the route that introduced them to some of the most memorable evenings out throughout their time spent travelling in Thailand. Regardless of how you feel about this notorious route, every hip traveller should make it a point to stop by the Thanon Khao San Market at some point.

On Khao San Road, you’ll find some of Bangkok’s chicest and most precious items. This market contains everything, from hippie-style crossbody purses to golden armbands and everything in between. Here is a good place to test your haggling skills since many local merchants will attempt to take advantage of tourists by charging much higher rates.
Wallets, Handbags, And More

It is possible that the fact that Bangkok’s largest and most well-known market has a wide variety of accessories available for purchase would not come as much of a surprise to you. At the Chatuchak Weekend Market, there is a large number of sellers selling bags and other accessories. However, not all these merchants are made equal, and you should exercise caution before purchasing the first fashionable bag. Some of them boast that they are hand-crafted and of high quality, but they are mass-produced and can be purchased from various sellers all around the market.

You may discover bags created in the north of Thailand in Sections 24 and 26. The sellers of these bags say that members made them of hill tribes in the Isaan region. You can also get Thai silk, jewellery, handbags, wallets, and backpacks here. One of our favourite companies, Weekend Ki-Ki Thailand, is one of the brands you can discover here. Take the BTS Skytrain to the Mochit stop, and then leave the station via either the number one or number three exit. There is also the option of taking the MRT Subway to Chatuchak Park and exiting at number one.

Niche Nation is the place to go in Bangkok if you want to buy cutting-edge eyeglasses, so don’t search elsewhere. Here you may discover a wide variety of designer labels, like Victoria Beckham, Moscot, and Thom Browne. While visiting one of Niche Nation’s locations, you can also have your eyes examined by a trained specialist and adapt your frames and lenses to your specific needs.

Niche Nation can be found outside the BTS Skytrain station in Thonglor, while Central Embassy can be just outside the Phloen Chit station. Check out Lost & Found Store, especially if you aren’t drawn to designer labels. The Lost and Found Store would be chock-full of vintage apparel, featuring garments from almost every period, if the store’s name did not give it away enough.

Vintage Handbags

Everything you see at (Un)Fashion Vintage, from footwear to handbags and belts, is a one-of-a-kind original design. At UnFashion, you never know what you will receive since they sell products from Thailand and items imported from the United States and Europe. Although they carry some brand-new bags and outfits, most of the goods for sale are pre-owned or vintage. In addition, there is a cafe and a restaurant next to the building that houses all of the antique items. It is open every day from noon till nine in the evening. You can reach here by taking the BTS Skytrain to the Ekkamai station and then taking a quick motorcycle taxi ride from the station.

Colourful Backpacks

This Swedish business has completely overtaken the Bangkok market. Products manufactured by Fjallraven are offered for purchase in close to twenty countries, including Thailand. You will have difficulty wandering the streets of Bangkok withoseeingoss someone with one of Fjallraven Thailand’s bags slung over their shoulder.

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