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The Best Designer Alexander McQueen Handbags

The Best Designer Alexander McQueen Handbags

If you are in the market for an Alexander McQueen handbag, you have come to the right place. Designer Alexander McQueen is famous for his unique and creative handbag designs. His bags feature the iconic skull design. He has also made scarves with this skull motif. There are a variety of designer Alexander McQueen handbags available for purchase, including jewelled clutches, leather purses, and leather backpacks.


The sculptural shape and rich embellishment of Alexander McQueen handbags make them an essential part of the wardrobe of any fashionista. The designer’s collection includes clutches, totes, and shopper bags in a variety of colors. The designer is known for his innovative and stylish designs.

McQueen’s designs are often associated with his own personal vision. His runway presentations often touched on topics that were prevalent in the zeitgeist of the time. For instance, he incorporated themes of colonialism and climate change into his designs.

Color palette

Alexander McQueen’s handbags are designed in a color palette that captures the spirit of his studio work. He mixes hybrid classics with bold brushstrokes to create striking pieces. One such example is the De Manta leather tote bag.

These high-end, luxury handbags are ideal for evening wear, thanks to their on-trend looks. They often have gold-toned hardware and a luxurious leather finish. They also offer numerous compartments, which makes them the perfect evening companion.


When it comes to the originality of Alexander McQueen handbag designs, the designer doesn’t disappoint. His signature handbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to turn heads. The short story bag is a small, rectangular bag that’s 100% calf leather. The design features a criss-cross strap accent and the McQueen emblematic harness motif. Available in a variety of fun colors, from black to sweet pastels, this is a bag that’s sure to make an impact.

Alexander McQueen’s handbags are made of textured leather and stones on the exterior. If your handbag becomes damaged, the brand offers a repair service for free. In addition, the company maintains a system for keeping track of current orders. However, it’s important to note that free shipping is only available within the United States.


Whether you prefer classic or contemporary style, you’re sure to find something you love in an Alexander McQueen handbag. The line’s collections showcase new creations and classic icons. The “Short Story” tote, for example, features a curved shape reminiscent of the iconic harness of Lee Alexander McQueen. The bag also features a double flap magnetic closure and embossed signature seal logo.

McQueen’s signature style is the satchel, which comes in a wide range of shapes, materials, and colors. The satchel is one of the most popular structured totes in the collection and is available in bold prints or sedate leathers. The satchel is a versatile option for everyday use. Some styles are boxy while others are feminine, depending on the color combination.

Pre-owned options

Alexander McQueen handbags are classic pieces with an edge. The brand’s signature skull clutch and Skull Box Clutch are must-haves for any closet. You can even find second-hand Alexander McQueen handbags at REBELLE Online Shop. These bags are authentic and in great condition.

Founded in LONDON in 1969, Alexander McQueen’s name has become synonymous with dark, imaginative fashion shows. This British designer is best known for his trademark skull design, which has appeared on everything from scarves to clothes. Pre-owned Alexander McQueen handbags are an excellent way to get a bag for less than retail price.


Alexander McQueen is an avant-garde fashion house with a distinct sense of style. The designer was known for his lack of discretion, and his collections were often controversial. The designer’s first collection came out in 1992, and a controversy broke out when he showed a collection of flamboyant, anti-conformist fashion. However, the collection was a hit, and McQueen won the British Designer of the Year award the following year. In 2001, the house was acquired by the Kering group, which also owns Gucci and Balenciaga. Although the company no longer designs its own collections, it continues to express its creativity through leather goods.

Alexander McQueen handbags are known for their ostentatious add-ons and electrifying materials. The brand started off by designing shoes, and in 2007 collaborated with the Samsonite company to introduce a capsule collection of luxury travel bags. In 2012, McQueen crafted the Heroine, a rigid leather bag carried by its handles. The brand has introduced the Heroine bag several times since its original release. Another classic is the Novak bag, which was inspired by the star of the Hitchcock movie Vertigo. Boucheron recreated the Novak bag in 2006, and in 2012, a limited edition of the Novak handbag was released.

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