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The Absolute Best Handbags for Women Who Adore the Colour Black

Oh, you’re talking about the colour black. There is nothing more understated but potent than a hue in terms of its ability to generate feelings of sensuality, charisma, and even sometimes apprehension. When you put a hue like that in an expensive luxury handbag, you get something that shouts, “Damn b*tch, I have arrived.” Buying a handbag in colour black is a great option for several reasons. For instance, because it is a timeless hue, it can be worn pretty much with everything. The vast majority of handbags are also available in this colour, but for maximum impact, we recommend the handbags listed below. If you invest in a designer handbag, you should purchase a sturdy handbag that can withstand all of your day-to-day challenges. If you spend thousands of your own personally earned dollars, you want to be sure the purchase is worthwhile.

Givenchy’s Antigona Fragrance

Antigona is one of Givenchy’s most recognisable bags, and it was first introduced in 2010. Even if it is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, the most certain method to increase the effectiveness of an attractive bag is to get it in the colour black. The bag is often crafted from a wide range of materials, including Box Calf, Patent Calf, Rubberized Canvas, Sugar Grained Goat, Coated Canvas, Crocodile, Nubuck, Ostrich, Elaphe, Anaconda, and Python; nevertheless, we recommend that you get one that is made of Smooth Calf. However, if you truly want to terrify them and drive them away, we strongly suggest you get the Rottweiler Printed Canvas!

Celine Luggage Tote

If you are a fan of reading Hollywood glossy magazines, there is a good possibility that you have seen this before. Celine’s Luggage Tote, which is perhaps one of the most recognised purses in the world, has been seen being carried by a wide variety of famous people. The Olsen twins helped propel the bag to the forefront of public consciousness when they were seen carrying it in public for the first time in 2010. It wasn’t long before everyone started buying it, and ever since then, it’s been flying off the shelves, so there’s a big list of people waiting for it. This handbag is offered in various colours and materials, including Smooth Calf, Drummed Calf, Bullhide Calf, Calf and Textile, Nubuck Calf, Calf Hair, Grained Calf, Crocodile, and Python, among others. But if you want to go for a more sinister look, we recommend choosing the Palmela to Calf and Croc Embossed version of it. This purse manages to look badass while yet maintaining its sophisticated air. Undeniably useful as a purse for daily use as well!

Yves Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

Now, this backpack is ready to do some serious business. Go and acquire this bag if you want one that tells everyone in the room to be quiet immediately. The YSL Sac du Jour was introduced in 2013, and it is the ideal handbag for the corporate dominatrix who is out to control the globe. It is structured while providing sufficient space for your belongings, and it is available in the following sizes: nano, baby, medium, and large. Commonly crafted from Textured Leather, Smooth Leather, Suede, Alligator, Embossed Crocodile, Calfskin, and Shiny Studs, we recommend getting the embossed Python if you want to channel Miranda Priestly from the film The Devil Wears Prada. Miranda Priestly is a character in the film who works in the fashion industry. If you have a little rockstar in you but still want to keep it polished, you should consider acquiring the Matte Studs version of whatever it is that you’re looking for. Although it calls to mind a Hermès Birkin in many ways, this item is unquestionably in a class all by itself.

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