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The 7 Most Iconic Chanel Bags of All Time Are Shown Here

The 7 Most Iconic Chanel Bags of All Time Are Shown Here

Gabrielle Chanel 2.55

The 2.55 bag from the house of Chanel has a quilted leather exterior and a gold chain with a rectangular clasp. Although it was not Gabrielle Chanel’s first design, the 2.55 bag captured the fashion world for years. The name 2.55 is not merely a reference to the age of the designer but also to the year and month in which the bag was first made.

The 2.55 has a rounded inside pocket, nicknamed the “Mona Lisa’s smile,” which is hidden inside a zipped pocket on the back of the outer flap. This pocket is a great place to hide soft notes, money, and love letters. Its shape is also ideal for storing a lipstick case. Originally designed for two to three women, the 2.55 was made in three different materials: lambskin, silk satin, and jersey. Since then, it has remained virtually unchanged. The bag has gone through a few changes, including a double C clasp on the top flap.

Oh My Boy shoulder bag

The iconic Chanel Oh My Boy shoulder bag is available in many colours, but what sets it apart from its more mainstream cousins is its shape. This shoulder bag evokes the shape of a cartridge bag, and the CC lock adds to its logomania. In 2011, Karl Lagerfeld designed this bag in tribute to the iconic ‘Boy Capel’ style, which first debuted in the early 2000s. Its boxy silhouette is riffed upon by a chunkier chain and oxidised metal hardware, and its shape nods to the androgynous tendencies of Chanel’s early collections.

The Boy Bag is one of Chanel’s most iconic models and the third in line to the throne. It is a bag that has good design genes, youthful insouciance, and is available in a variety of different materials. The iconic design also allows for many variations, including exotic skins, iridescent hardware, ombre leather, and embellishments.

Wallet on Chain

One of the most popular Chanel bags, the Wallet on Chain, blurs the lines between a wallet and a handbag. It’s ideal for the minimalist who loves the freedom of lightweight carrying and is looking for a stylish but affordable way to carry their essentials. The chain strap makes it very versatile. It can be worn as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or even a clutch.

The Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) features an extended chain, 61cm long (24 inches). It can be worn as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or clutch by tugging the chain. This versatile handbag is a great choice for short errands or date night.

Chanel Russian doll

Inspired by traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls, Chanel created the Russian doll clutch bag for their Paris-Moscow Pre-Fall 2009 show. This beautiful clutch features three CC logos on a gold-toned chain and pearl chain tassels. Available in black or gold hardware, this bag is a beautiful piece of Chanel fashion art.

The Russian Doll bag is limited to 500 pieces and retails for about $6,000 USD. It is made of resin and features the CC logo and iconic chain/leather shoulder strap.

Chanel 2.55

The Chanel 2.55 bag is an iconic piece of Chanel luggage. Launched in 1955, the Chanel 2.55 bag has undergone many iterations. Modern versions incorporate chain straps and interlocking C clasps. The Chanel 2.55 was a popular choice with fashionistas of the time. This timeless classic is now a staple in the Chanel collection.

The Chanel 2.55 was created by Gabrielle Chanel and first debuted in February of 1955. The design was uncouth and rebellious at the time, but women loved it and became a house icon. This iconic bag has a distinctive rectangular closure with a chain handle instead of leather woven into the handle.

Chanel 19

The Chanel 19 is a classic luxury handbag that features a slouchy structure, the iconic CC closure, and enlarged diamond quilts. The Chanel 19 is available in several new colours, and has metal hardware in antique gold, silver, and ruthenium. The bag’s chain is made of corrugated leather, and the stitching is waved in the pattern.

The Chanel 19 is available in different materials, and the price of each depends on the material. The leather is very soft, and is prone to scratches and sagging, so you should avoid over-filling the bag. Also, remember to store the Chanel 19 in an acid-free tissue paper to prevent scratches and stains.

Hermes Kelly

If you are looking for a high-end handbag, then the Hermes Kelly is the bag for you. Named after the famous actress and fashion icon, the Kelly has become one of the most sought after bags in the world. Its timeless design makes it an object of desire for many women. The designer bag is a coveted item with a rich history dating back to the 20th century.

Hermes has created a wide range of variations of the Kelly, including chocolate, plexiglass, embroidered by Maison Lesage Paris, and extremely large versions. The Kelly has also undergone a revamp in recent years with the new lines designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier in 2004 and 2006.

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