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10 Maintenance Secrets That Every Handbag & Purse Addict Needs to Know

STEP 1: First of all, I want to congratulate you on your recent purchase of a beautiful handbag. This is essential in bringing out the fashion star that lies dormant inside you. You may now walk like Victoria Beckham, and you should remember that there is no need to apologize for being wonderful.

STEP 2: Your pocketbook has a stunning appearance, and you have an attractive appearance yourself. Regarding the upkeep of my pocketbook, I believe prevention is the most crucial step. In other words, if you want to avoid leaving pen markings on the inside of your handbag, you should invest in a purse organizer.

These are wonderful for sifting loose things, which have the potential to create markings on the inside of your pocketbook that are impossible to remove. Why would you damage beautiful beauty with a fifty-cent pen after spending a lot of money on her? Now, this is something that I cannot emphasize enough, and that is the fact that you should always, and I always mean, store your cosmetic things in a compact makeup bag.

A moment of “oops” will not only make the contents of your handbag unusable, but it will also cause you to waste valuable face time. Using a Ziploc bag rather than another option is one way to save money. These little gems are not only affordable and simple to use, but they also provide security for your pocketbook.

STEP 3: After that, it is quite likely that you will wish to protect your handbag from obtaining scuff marks, scratches, germs, and gum. Now, what do you think? Put that purse away and get it off the floor! Have you ever heard the saying, “Purse on the floor, money out the door?” Have you ever heard of a purse hanger? Sometimes referred to as a purse butler, too. Take a look at yourself (sure, you are wonderful). Do you not believe you deserve to have your butler handle your purse? I’m sorry to tell you this, women, but you need to become pregnant…

Other options include resting your handbag on the arm of a chair (while keeping a sharp lookout for those who may try to steal your bag) or hanging it up on a hook or shelf rather than leaving it on the floor. Would you place your hand on the bottom of the restroom where other people used it? Then you shouldn’t put your purse there; keep in mind that you’ll be taking this thing with you when you go. There is no end to the number of possibilities available to you; thus, please do not consign your pocketbook to life on the ground.

STEP 4: in preserving and extending the life of your handbag is to give it the attention it needs daily. The enemy of a bag is moisture, particularly a leather purse when it comes to humidity. Purses constructed from synthetic or PVC material have the advantage over those made from natural materials such as leather in that they are more effective at preventing the penetration of liquids.

However, this does not imply that you should go dancing in the rain while carrying a handbag made of a material other than leather since even non-leather purses may be torn and end your reign as queen of the fashion bees. Invest in one of the various water-resistant items available on the market for your leather handbag. In addition, it is strongly suggested that you get rid of any moisture present in leather products as soon as possible.

STEP 5: Moisturise. Since you do it to your face daily, why not your purse? Now that we’ve reached this point, I need you to read attentively, so please don’t skim. When I say “moisturize,” I do not intend to imply that you should use water. Because it’s likely that your handbag hasn’t been properly pre-treated and conditioned to bring out its full potential, you should be sure to invest in some leather conditioner. This will preserve the flexibility of the cloth and ensure that your handbag always looks its best. However, before conditioning your bag, you must ensure it is clean. This gets us to the following stage in the process.

STEP 6: Wipe off the outside of your handbag and dry it well. Before cleaning your bag, you should always check to see what material it is. Even if you have easy access to common cleaners, you should avoid using them in your pocketbook since they are likely to do more damage than they would repair.

Use only cleaning products designed for the material your handbag is made of. When purchasing a leather handbag, it is in your best interest to invest in a leather cleaning; trust me, you will not be sorry you did. Are you familiar with the wipes you use to clean the makeup off your stunning face?

Additionally, leather wipes are available! These are fantastic for cleaning the outside of your handbag, and in addition to that, they can also be used to clean leather furniture. They come in sheets that are simple to use. Can you say a 2-in-1 bonus? Warning: Please keep away from your face while using this product. When cleaning the outside of synthetic handbags, a moist towel is often all that is required. If you want to go the additional mile, you may clean the bag using a damp cloth treated with gentle soap. However, before you clean the whole purse, you should test the fabric on a spot that won’t be seen. When you want to clean the fibers of your suede handbag, you should use a suede brush. Please refer to our instructions on how to care for antique purses for all other types of fabrics.

STEP 7: is to clean the inside of your handbag. When it comes to cleaning the majority of linings, all that is often required is a moist towel and gentle soap. Typically, I will flip my linings inside out, dust them, wipe them down, and then let them air dry. The trick is to make sure that the liner is never completely soaked. Humidity is something else that should be avoided. Yes, dear ones, steamers should not be used for anything other than your garments.

STEP 8: remove any stains or spots. If, despite all I’ve shared with you, you’ve managed to acquire a disgrace or mark on your lovely handbag, try not to panic just yet since there is still a chance you can get rid of it. There are always options for eliminating markings, regardless of whether the handbag material, suede, may have removed dried stains by wiping the affected area with a dry eraser. Use an eraser without moisture, vinegar, or nail polish remover to remove the ink.

Before applying it to the whole bag, make sure that you try it on a tiny area first. Another hidden weapon, you know, like when your niece thought it would be funny to color the sofa with the pen while staying at the hotel. Perfume! That’s correct, only a little mist and some rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. Bonus? Your handbag will smell like your favorite scent. – Leather that has a patent coating is significantly simpler to maintain. In most cases, all that is required is a moist cloth and some gentle detergent. You can make a new pocketbook seem brand new by drying it out, using a very small quantity of vaseline, and then buffing and shining it.

STEP 9: Storage. If you’ve discovered someone else and want to pause things for a bit, it’s okay to do so; nevertheless, you should make sure to end the relationship with your handbag respectfully. Your purse has probably given you the greatest days, weeks, and months of existence. You have just shattered this woman’s heart, so kindly see that she can continue breathing. When not in use, keep handbags covered with materials that will enable them to live. This is especially important when storing them. This is of utmost significance for products that are constructed from natural resources.

The vast majority of handbags sold in stores nowadays come with dust bags that are ideal for putting away. Pillow covers are an excellent substitute for dust bags if you do not have access to a dust bag. Fabric baskets and wicker baskets are two more wonderful alternatives to consider. One other thing you should be concerned about is preserving the form of your handbag. To do this task successfully, you may load handbags with acid-free tissue paper or use gift wrapping paper for presents.

This woman wants to keep her shape, so ensure you don’t overfill your plate with food. Before putting my handbag away, I have a habit of spritzing a tiny bit of my go-to perfume onto one of the tissue stuffers inside it. This helps keep my purse smelling fresh. This way, when I take this woman out of storage again, there won’t be any musty odors; rather, there will be a slight lingering of a perfume that was once adored…

STEP 10: Clearing the air of musty odors is the tenth step. For the most part, you have disregarded steps 1 through 9, retrieved your handbag from the depths of your closet, and it stinks (eww!). Now what? First, you must rule out the possibility that the smell comes from a helpless animal that has taken up residence in your handbag. Have you finished the check? So, let’s get down to business and start. Even though I should be handing you a detention card, you will not be punished. Musty odors may originate from many factors, including incorrect storage, dried dampness, mildew, etc.

The list goes on and on. Please follow steps 6-7 to empty your purse, and then we may go on. The next step is to take the stack of newspaper sitting on the table and begin filling it. The smell of odors may be greatly reduced by using newspapers. You need to cram a few pages in there, wait a few days, and then you’re done. Mrs. Baking Soda is always a reliable option for us regarding odor problems since she never lets us down. You need to put a pouch inside the bag, seal it for a few hours or days (depending on how musty we are talking), and then you may return to work. Do you regret the fact that you never bothered to listen?

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