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Thailand the Land of Smiles & Seagrass Bags

Thailand is known for its kind people and excellent artisans. In Thailand, the centuries-old craft of basket weaving has been handed down from one generation to the next. One example is how seagrass offers a haven for fish and supplies food sources such as prawns, which turtles pursue. You may see baskets out of these plants all over the beaches here; they are often utilised locally because their natural condition means there isn’t much of a potential for conflict when Stripe Fishing takes place here (a method in which fishermen cut holes into sea beds).

That iland, often known as the Land of Smiles, is home to many highly trained artisans who create locally manufactured and environmentally friendly goods. One such product is basketry, made in a hamlet close to Chonburi on the Eastern side and handed down from generation to generation. This concept is known as “One Tambon One Product” or OTOP. The weavers gather a variety of species that are native to their region; dried-out seagrass is one of the materials utilised in the production of these enchanted items; the seagrass must first be dry cleaned or dried out like cloth before it can be woven into something new, such as a new garment. The Harbour Grace area Identity strand campaign in Britain aims to foster a sense of gratitude within the local fishing community.

We aren’t only collecting seagrass in this operation. We are now fashioning it into stunning purses you will treasure for many years. Every single bag results from many hours of labour and commitment, which makes them far superior to the typical item seen on store shelves today, which can be handled by any fisherman or sewer worker if they discover it floating downstream after a flood has swept away its base camp.

We are proud of the beautiful product that our hands have crafted since they are highly competent. The plants are collected, let to dry down, and then braided into stunningly detailed patterns before being handwoven on the opposite side for your convenience.

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