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Thai Designer Crafts Banana-leaf Handbags

Thai Designer Crafts Banana-leaf Handbags

A designer in Thailand is creating high-end handbags out of banana leaves, which helps offer a source of revenue for local farmers during the season. In the Ratchaburi area of western Thailand, the 33-year-old designer Thanakorn Sodsai creates items by weaving together materials that have been taken from the fibers of banana leaves. Tanee, the fashion brand he runs, hires local farmers to gather the leaves for their handbags. Additionally, he instructs them in the techniques necessary to transform the raw materials into finished luxuries.

The Community Development Department in the province has confirmed that the final items, such as purses, caps, boxes, notebook covers, and other accessories, may endure for up to 10 years. These products include: Thanakorn said that he used nanotechnology in conjunction with the traditional farmer’s understanding of the leaves. He said, “we support the farmers, and in turn, they help us too with their understanding of planting.” The first step in the procedure involves removing the fibers from the leaves and then drying them out in the sun to get rid of any moisture that may potentially develop mold. After that, mulberry papers are ironed onto them, then molded into various goods according to designs. Each piece of art receives the thoughtful care and creative impetus that comprise the community’s identity.

The young designer also said that the money made from the sale of the bags is given back to the community to support the employees who are affected by the epidemic. The majority of these people have lost their employment. He said that even though the pandemic affected their company, they had found a method to improve their goods. We moved our focus to luxury things, and since they are also kind to the environment, they have been very warmly accepted by customers. Tanee’s handbags come in a variety of sizes and retail for around one thousand baht apiece. You can find them at Tanee’s storefronts and online stores located all across Thailand.

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