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Adithep Woven Straw Natural Vegan Water Hyacinth Raffia Asian Bag

Adithep Woven Straw Natural Vegan Water Hyacinth Raffia Asian Bag. This bag was lovingly crafted by our wonderful team in Thailand, and it takes our professional woven designer bag craftsmen in Thailand anything from 15 to 24 hours to hand weave each handmade water hyacinth bag by hand. Each natural straw bag and matching accessory is woven by hand by our talented artisans with your best self in mind. The creatives on our team are true professionals who love what they do. Our hand-crafted woven Bags are made with a variety of sustainable materials, such as water hyacinth and Krajood seagrass. This plant's straw is then used by skilled Thai artisans to create your new, one-of-a-kind purse. Craftsmen of Thai heritage employ natural materials, including wicker straws, water sedges, and Krajood seagrass, which they colour and weave by hand. Then, these fabrics are woven together using traditional methods that have been handed down through the years. Weaving is a centuries-old tradition in both the north and the south of Thailand, but nowadays, most of the people in Thailand who manufacture raffia straw bags can't earn a living wage from their work. The Thai Bag Co. is working hard to make a significant impact on the lives of Thai villagers. We want to be of assistance in maintaining the art of woven bag creation. Intrusive plant species like water hyacinth and seagrass have caused a number of issues in Thailand's canals and waterways. The overgrown vegetation blocks the water channel, increasing the chance of flooding in the region. Villagers in Thailand have developed a novel technique for weaving water hyacinth bags from the poisonous water hyacinth plant they have been working with for years. Bags are woven by hand in Thailand using techniques that have been handed down through the generations. DHL International Worldwide Air Freight Courier or EMS Thailand Post monitored services are used to ship all hand-woven straw bags. Depending on the customer's location, the direct delivery time from Thailand might be anywhere between five and ten days. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for shopping at the raffia straw bag store. Please feel free to contact us or use the website's live chat feature at any time if you have any questions.

Badinton Women’s Modern Straw Seagrass Handcrafted Natural Wicker Handbag Purse

Badinton Women's Modern Straw Seagrass Handcrafted Natural Wicker Handbag Purse. Are you aware of that? Each one of our authentic seagrass bags is woven by hand by talented Thai craftsmen, who spend anywhere from 15 to 24 hours on each one. Many shoppers seek woven bags that combine fashionable design with practical use. A Thai seagrass bag from the Thai bag company is an excellent choice if you want a one-of-a-kind bag that is also well-made. The Thai Bag Company is a leading supplier of seagrass bags due to their commitment to quality and attention to detail. Each bag is made by hand in Thailand from strong seagrass and has a unique pattern on the outside to make it stand out. You may discover the ideal bag for your requirements among the Thai Bag Company's many options, which span a wide spectrum of patterns and styles. Whether you need a compact cross-body bag or a roomy tote, the Thai Bag Co. has you covered. The best part is that the seagrass used to make the bags is a renewable resource. Look no further than the comprehensive website of Thai Bag Co. for a fashionable and eco-friendly alternative to your everyday handbags. In Thailand, our talented group of artisans uses a centuries-old, formally transmitted method for making seagrass bags in the raffia style. The Thai Bag Co. takes great pride in preserving the age-old craft of weaving seagrass bags in the rural areas of southern Thailand. Saltmarsh bulrush, known in Thai as "krajood seagrass," is a common plant in the country's southern regions. The Krajood Seagrass is collected in a responsible manner, and the bags themselves are produced from all-natural, eco-friendly materials. The sage for each bag is hand-cut, rolled, dried, weaved, and coloured. We do have a wide selection of designer seagrass totes in the most popular colours. If the bag you want is not in stock, please allow 14–21 days for our trained Seagrass Bag craftsmen to hand-weave your new bag design. Given the wide variety of Seagrass bag types, sizes, and colours we provide, we do provide a custom order service for these fashionable accessories. For additional inspiration, check out our bag accessories page. We encourage you to get in contact with us if you're interested in purchasing a custom-made seagrass bag. All orders are now sent directly from Thailand, utilising either the Thai Postal Service's EMS or DHL International's courier services. Once your replacement Seagrass tote has been sent, you will be emailed a new tracking number. Each direct delivery typically takes between 5 and 10 business days to arrive at its destination, thanks to our quick airfreight service. Want to place an order for bags but have some design questions? Then please get in touch with us; we're always here to help and prefer that you do so through our convenient live chat feature.