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Kasem Straw Thai Ladies Oriental Woven Purse Summer Raffia Rattan Bag

Kasem Straw Thai Ladies Oriental Woven Purse Summer Raffia Rattan Bag, Each water hyacinth bag is meticulously woven by hand by our skilled craftsmen in Thailand, a process that typically takes between 15 and 24 hours. Each of our handbags and accessories is individually woven by our trained artisans with your best self in mind. Artistically, we have a crew that is not just talented but also excited about their work. Our bags are made from a variety of sustainable resources, including water hyacinth and krajood seagrass. After the plant has been harvested and dried, it is transformed into straw, which is then utilised by skilled Thai weavers to create your new, one-of-a-kind tote. Natural wicker straw, water sedges, and krajood seagrass are hand-dyed and hand-woven by Thai master artisans. The indigenous weavers' skills are then used to blend these materials. There is a long tradition of weaving in both the north and south of Thailand, yet most weavers in Thailand cannot earn a living wage from their work. The Thai Bag Co. wants to have a significant impact on rural life in Thailand. We'd want to lend a hand so that they may continue manufacturing woven bags for generations to come. The introduction of exotic plant species, such as water hyacinth and seagrass, has caused a number of issues in the canals and waterways of Thailand. The probability of flooding in the region is increased since the water channel is obstructed by overgrown vegetation. Villagers in Thailand have developed a novel technique for making attractive water hyacinth bags. The weavers in Thailand have perfected their craft over many generations, and each pattern is created using tried-and-true techniques. We use either the monitored services of the Thai Post Office (EMS) or the airfreight courier services of DHL International Worldwide to deliver all of our handwoven bag orders. Direct delivery from Thailand to any country on the globe typically takes between five and ten days. Please accept our sincere appreciation for shopping with us here on the web. You may always reach out to us through phone, email, or the website's live chat feature if you have any questions.

Kriangsak Fabric Woven Bamboo Seagrass Summer Thailand Ladies Handmade Beach Bag

Kriangsak Fabric Woven Bamboo Seagrass Summer Thailand Ladies Handmade Beach Bag. Were you aware? Our skilled Thai craftsmen weave each Seagrass Bag by hand. It takes them an average of 15 to 24 hours to finish each bag. When searching for the ideal woven bag, many individuals opt for something that is both fashionable and practical. Consider a Thai Seagrass bag from the Thai Bag Company if you're seeking a bag that is both distinctive and composed of high-quality materials. The Thai Bag Company is one of the leading manufacturers of seagrass bags, and they are renowned for their superior workmanship. Each bag is handcrafted in Thailand using ancient seagrass weaving techniques, ensuring its durability and style. In addition, the Thai Bag Company provides a variety of patterns and styles, so you are certain to discover the ideal bag for your requirements. Thai Bag Co. provides something suitable for your requirements, whether you're seeking a little crossbody bag or a huge tote bag. Best of all, these bags are manufactured from natural seagrass, making them eco-friendly and long-lasting. If you're searching for a fashionable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bags, make sure to visit the Thai Bag Co. website. Our team of Thai artisans manufactures raffia-style seagrass bags utilising an age-old, traditional seagrass bag-making method that has been passed down through many generations. The Thai Bag Company is happy to promote the seagrass bag weaving legacy of southern Thailand's local communities. Krajood Seagrass is the Thai name for saltmarsh bulrush, a plant that grows in abundance in southern Thailand. The Krajood Seagrass is picked in an environmentally responsible manner, and each bag is produced from natural, eco-friendly materials. Each bag is crafted by hand, and the sage is chopped, rolled, dried, weaved, and coloured by hand. We do carry a wide variety of designer seagrass bags in a standard colour palette. If a bag is out of stock, a 14- to 21-day lead time is required for our trained seagrass bag craftsmen to hand-weave your new design. We do provide a custom bag ordering service, and there are so many Seagrass bag design possibilities and various shapes, sizes, and styles! Please visit our bag accessories page for further inspiration. If you are interested in obtaining a custom-made seagrass bag, please contact us. We now ship all of our products straight from Thailand to any place on the globe using the Thai Postal Service, EMS, or DHL International. Once your replacement seagrass bag has been sent, updated tracking numbers will be supplied. This is a fast air freight service, and direct deliveries usually take between 5 and 10 business days, depending on where the package is going. If you have any queries regarding ordering bags or require design guidance, please contact us. Then we gladly request that you contact us; we are always accessible and suggest utilising our live chat feature.

Sasithorn Thai Woven Wicker Natural Straw Handmade Crafted Beach Bag

Sasithorn Thai Woven Wicker Natural Straw Handmade Crafted Beach Bag. It takes our professional wicker bag craftsmen in Thailand an average of 15 to 24 hours to hand-weave each woven bag. Each of our water hyacinth bags and accessories is handwoven by our professional weavers with your ideal self in mind. The artists on our team are passionate about their profession and enthusiastic about what they do best. Only water hyacinth and Krajood seagrass are used in the creation of our straw bags. The plant is dried and turned into straw, which is then utilised by skilled Thai craftsmen to create your brand-new handmade bag. Hand-dyed and hand-woven natural wicker straws, water sedges, and Krajood seagrass are used by artisans with Thai training. These materials are then woven using indigenous traditions handed down through generations. The craft of weaving has a long history in the north and south of Thailand, but tragically, the majority of weavers in Thailand are unable to sustain themselves. The Thai Bag Co. is attempting to make a significant impact on Thai rural communities. We want to assist them and maintain the heritage of weaving bags. The presence of invasive plant species, such as water hyacinth and seagrass, has caused a variety of difficulties in Thailand's canals and waterways. The overgrown vegetation impedes the water channel, increasing the chance of flooding in the region. Villagers in Thailand who have been weavers for generations have developed a brand-new technique for weaving gorgeous water hyacinth bags from this poisonous plant. Each raffia Bag is woven by hand in Thailand using time-honoured techniques that have been handed down through the generations. All bamboo bags are transported via EMS, Thailand Post, or DHL International Worldwide airfreight courier services. It may take anywhere between five and ten days to deliver an item straight from Thailand to a consumer anywhere on the globe, depending on the customer's location. Thank you for visiting our online store. Please do not hesitate to contact us or use our website's live chat feature if you have any questions.