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Pakpao Women’s Ladies Eco-Friendly Water Hyacinth Woven Raffia Thailand Purse

Pakpao Women's Ladies Eco-Friendly Water Hyacinth Woven Raffia Thailand Purse. The bag is meticulously handcrafted by our incredible team in Thailand, and it takes our talented Thai bag craftsmen between 15 and 24 hours to hand weave each bag. All of our handbags and accessories are woven by our professional team of weavers with your ideal self in mind. Our team of master craftsmen are devoted to their respective fields. Each and every Thai bag is expertly woven by local Thai communities using traditional bag-making techniques handed down through the years. All of our water hyacinth and seagrass bags have a specific function, and we use only the highest-grade materials to produce durable bags and accessories. All of our Handmade Women's Bag items are made to go with any outfit while still being of the highest quality and lasting the longest. This water hyacinth Rattan Straw Woven Bag, handwoven by our village's talented Thai craftsmen, is the ideal bag for anything from your next sunny vacation to a trip to the shops. So that this Straw Personalised Bag finish is smooth against skin and clothes, we've eliminated any loose threads and jagged edges. Both water hyacinth and seagrass are invasive plants that have caused problems in the canals and waterways of Thailand. The overgrown vegetation obstructs the water channel, hence increasing the likelihood of flooding. Thai farmers with traditional weaving abilities have found an ingenious method for fashioning this plant into a lovely purse. With so many design possibilities, sizes, and styles, we handcraft each bag to order. If your bag is not in stock, our team of expert artisans in Thailand will need 14 days to hand-weave it. We ship all of our Rattan Handcrafted Bags using EMS Thailand Post tracked services or DHL Worldwide, and we contribute 50% of the cost of the airfreight service; direct delivery from Thailand takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on the destination. Thank you for visiting our Thailand Eco-Friendly Bag online store. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or live chat.

Preecha Thai Vegan Woven Wicker Natural Straw Rattan Market Purse

Preecha Thai Vegan Woven Wicker Natural Straw Rattan Market Purse. This bag was meticulously crafted by our amazing team in Thailand, and it typically takes our skilled weavers in Thailand 15 to 24 hours to hand weave each water hyacinth bag by hand. Each of our handcrafted bags and accessories is created by our talented weavers with you in mind. Our team of artists is passionate about what they do and committed to perfecting it. Our bags are made from a variety of environmentally friendly materials, including water hyacinth and krajood seagrass. Straw made from the dried plant is then processed into your brand-new, wonderfully handcrafted bag by skilled Thai artisans. Water sedges, krajood seagrass, and naturally woven straw are all used by Thai-trained artisans. After that, these components are put together with generations-old indigenous weaving traditions. Thailand's north and south both have a rich history of weaving, but regrettably, the majority of hand-weavers there don't generate enough money to support themselves. The Thai Bag Co. is working hard to improve the lives of Thailand's rural populations. We want to support them and carry on the heritage of weaving woven bags. The presence of invasive plant species like water hyacinth and seagrass has led to a number of issues in Thailand's canals and waterways. The overgrown vegetation is obstructing the water channel, which raises the possibility that the area would flood. Weavers in the villages of Thailand have come up with a new way to make beautiful bags out of the poisonous water hyacinth plant. Thai artisans weave each pattern with skill, using techniques for making bags that have been passed down from generation to generation. DHL International Worldwide Airfreight Courier Services or EMS Thailand Post Monitored Services are used to deliver all products. Depending on where in the world the consumer is located, it may take anywhere between five and ten days for an item to be sent directly from Thailand to them. Please allow us to thank you for visiting our online store at this time. Please don't hesitate to contact us or use the live chat feature on our website if you have any questions at any time.

Thaksin Thai Handcrafted Natural Asian Vegan Woven Wicker Straw Bag

Thaksin Thai Handcrafted Natural Asian Vegan Water Hyacinth Woven Designer Wicker Straw Bag. This bag was painstakingly crafted by our amazing team in Thailand, and it takes our skilled Organic Women's Bag artisans in Thailand anywhere from fifteen to twenty-four hours to hand weave each Natural Vegan Bag by hand. Skilled weavers create all of our Ladies' Handcrafted Bags and accessories with your best self in mind. Members of our artistic staff are true professionals who take great pride in their work. Our Handwoven Beach Bags are made with a variety of sustainable materials, including water hyacinth, Krajood seagrass, and many others. Straw made from this plant is then used by skilled Thai craftspeople to make your new, one-of-a-kind tote. Natural wicker straws, water sedges, and Krajood seagrass are hand-dyed and hand-woven by artisans trained in Thailand. Traditional indigenous weaving methods are then used to incorporate these materials. Northern and southern Thailand are both home to rich weaving traditions, but today, most weavers in Thailand struggle to make a living wage. It is the goal of the Thai Bag Co. to have a significant impact on rural areas of Thailand. Our hope is that by assisting them, we can ensure that the art of weaving bags is not lost. Water hyacinth and seagrass are two invasive plants that have caused issues in Thailand's canals and waterways. As a result of the overgrown vegetation, the water channel is obstructed, and flooding is more likely to occur in the area. Villagers in Thailand have developed a novel technique for weaving water hyacinth bags out of this poisonous plant. Weavers in Thailand use tried-and-true techniques for creating bags that have been passed down through the generations to craft each and every one of our Organic Women's Bags. Each Rattan Personalised Bag is delivered via DHL International Worldwide airfreight courier services or EMS Thailand Post tracked services. The time it takes to ship an item directly from Thailand to a customer anywhere in the world varies from about five to ten days. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for shopping at our bag store. Please feel free to contact us via phone, email, or the website's live chat feature at any time if you have any questions.