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Malai Thai Woven Wicker Natural Straw Handmade Small Designer Purse Bag

Malai Thai Woven Wicker Natural Straw Handmade Small Designer Purse Bag. Each distinctive bag is handcrafted to order by our talented Thai craftsmen, who hand weave each bag over the course of 15 to 24 hours on average. It is a stunning whiskey from Thailand. The local Thai communities use a time-honoured method of bag production that has been handed down through the years to expertly craft each and every Thailand bag with a lot of affection. In order to fulfil your requirements, we provide a wide variety of Handmade Natural Bags that may be altered in any way. Everything for you is handwoven by our artisans From the Thai Bag Co., any bag design may be ordered. You may mix and match your preferred styles on our Thai bag website to find a variety of bags with appealing features and accessories that can be linked, enabling you to make that one-of-a-kind Thai bag design just for you. If you need help creating it yourself or if you're searching for something unique, get in touch with us! We'll take care of the rest if you simply let us know what kind of bag you want and whether you prefer large or small bags if you need ideas for your handmade bag design. View our online bag gallery for additional design inspiration, and don't forget to check out our accessories page. This Shopping Woven Bag is likely to get many praises due to the amount of love and attention that has gone into each bag. It will also be big enough to hold all of your personal items. Our Beach Bags will work well whether you're arranging your next vacation, trying to get hitched, or just want to flaunt your hand-crafted bag on that special occasion. We handmake each bag to order due to the large selection of design possibilities, sizes, and styles. If your bag is not in stock, our Thai artisan team will need 14 days to hand-weave it. We ship all of our products via EMS Thailand Post monitored services or DHL Worldwide, Delivery directly from Thailand takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on the destination country. We appreciate you visiting our online store, and we are always happy to help. To reach us by phone or chat live online, just click the button below.

Sirirat Asian Wicker Summer Designer Woven Children’s Bamboo Eco-Friendly Straw Bag


Sirirat Asian Wicker Summer Designer Woven Children's Bamboo Eco-Friendly Straw Bag

The Thai Bag Co. designs and makes the Sirirat Asian Wicker Summer Designer Woven Children's Bamboo Eco-Friendly Straw Bag. It is a vegan bag made of natural straw, rattan, and seagrass, using skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. It takes approximately 24 hours to craft each bag with love and hard work in order to help rural communities in Thailand. Each bag is handwoven and handcrafted for women, providing an eco-friendly solution for summer beach bags, purses, or totes. To help keep these skilled traditional weaving techniques alive, 25% of the international shipping costs are subsidised due to the airfreight discount. Therefore, this designer Oriental bag not only looks beautiful but also helps preserve a tradition that has been around for centuries while providing financial security to local village communities.