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Thanawan Fashion Thai Eco-Friendly Purse Handcrafted Vegan Summer Straw Bag

Thanawan Fashion Thai Eco-Friendly Purse Handcrafted Vegan Summer Straw Bag. Did you know that each unique seagrass bag is handcrafted to order and takes an average of 15 to 24 hours to hand weave? Many individuals strive for the right woven bag that is both attractive and utilitarian. If you want a bag that is both distinctive and composed of high-quality materials, a Thai seagrass bag from the Thai Bag Company is a great option. The Thai Bag Company is a leading supplier of seagrass bags and is well-known for its high-quality workmanship. Each bag is made by hand in Thailand using old techniques for weaving seagrass that make them both strong and stylish. Furthermore, the Thai Bag Company has a variety of various patterns and styles to pick from, ensuring that you will discover the ideal bag for your requirements. Thai Bag Co. provides something for everyone, whether you want a little cross-body bag or a huge tote bag. The best part is that these bags are created from natural seagrass materials, making them eco-friendly and long-lasting. If you're seeking a fashionable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bags, make sure to visit the Thai Bag Co. website. Our expert artisan team in Thailand creates raffia-styled seagrass bags utilising a time-honoured traditional seagrass bag production process passed down through generations. The Thai Bag Company is happy to spread the word about the tradition of weaving seagrass bags in southern Thailand. Krajood seagrass is the Thai name for saltmarsh bulrush, a common plant in southern Thailand. The Krajood Seagrass is gathered in an environmentally acceptable manner, and each bag is comprised of natural eco-friendly materials. The sage is chopped, rolled, dried, weaved, and coloured by hand for each bag. We do carry a wide supply of designer seagrass bags in a variety of colours. If a bag is not in stock, we will need 14 to 21 days to hand-weave your new bag design to our professional seagrass bag craftsmen. With so many different Seagrass bag design possibilities and shapes, styles, and sizes available, we do provide a custom bag ordering service! More possibilities may be found on our bag accessories page. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a unique, handmade seagrass bag. We now ship all of our things straight from Thailand to all regions around the globe using the Thai Postal Service, EMS, or DHL International Courier Services. Once your replacement Seagrass bag has been sent, you will get updated tracking information. This is an expedited airfreight service, and each direct delivery takes 5 to 10 working days on average, depending on the destination. If you have any questions about ordering bags or need help with the design, we are always available, and we recommend that you use our live chat.