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Our Unique Style Guide: the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Collection

The dependable tote bag is one of the most basic but classic purses. We can always find a place in our wardrobe for a tote bag because they are so understated and helpful. However, Marc Jacobs bags have unquestionably elevated this traditional design’s prestige in the fashion world and transformed what was thought to be perhaps a practical alternative to an ultra-luxury must-have bag.

They are the IT bag, whether it’s the beige XL design we’ve seen on our favourite influencers for their travel bag or the little tote that has become necessary for hybrid working! Here is everything you need to know about different types of fabrication, sizes, and new styles for this season when stepping into Marc Jacobs’s stunning tote bags.

Regarding Marc Jacobs’s Bags

A famous grunge collection served as the foundation for Marc Jacobs bags, which the company launched in 1984. He is an eclectic New York-based fashion designer. Marc Jacobs was hired as the creative director of Louis Vuitton in 1997, where he worked with legends like Takashi Murakami, Stephen Sprouse, and Richard Prince.

The Marc Jacobs fashion label has made several notable debuts throughout the years. Notably, the Daisy bag sold out in 2007. Still, none have entirely surpassed expectations as the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag range has done. It sold 100,000 units upon release in 2019 and has since established itself as a mainstay in the fashion sector.

The Family of Tote Bags

The Marc Jacobs Tote Family comes in six sizes. Marc Jacobs Tote sizes range from the tiniest to the largest.

The Camera Purse

  • 23 cm L x 7.5 cm D x 12 cm H 9 inches x 3 inches D x 5 inches H Strap Length: 135 cm (Fully extended)

The Small Bag Mini Tote

  • 10.2 inches long by 5 inches wide by 8.
  • Two inches high, or 26 cm long by 12.
  • 5 cm high, with a 27-inch strap drop (69cm)
  • 4 inches of handle drop (11cm)

The Small Tote Bag

  • Sixteen inches long by 6 inches wide.
  • H 27 inch strap drop, L x D x 42 cm, and H 30 cm (69cm)
  • 5 inches of handle drop (12cm)

The Large Tote Bag

42 cm L x 16 cm D x 34 cm Handle Drop 17 inches L x 6 inches D x 13 inches H (25cm)

The XL Tote Bag

  • 55 cm L x 20 cm D x 42.
  • 5ch H Handle Drop 9.
  • 8 inches 21.5 inches L x 7.
  • Eight inches D x 16.
  • 7 inches (25cm)

The Functional Tote Bag

33cm L x 17cm D x 36cm H 13 inches L x 6.

Five inches D x 14.

5 inches H Strap Length: 144 cm (Fully extended)

This can accommodate a laptop case and a 13-inch laptop, plus it features water bottle slots on both sides.


  • There are numerous materials available for the Marc Jacobs tote,
  • Canvas (Cotton)
  • Cotton (Canvas) with a leather binding
  • Nylon Leather

The Splattered Collection Bags

A pair of paint-splattered pants served as the source of inspiration for this season. Jackson Pollock, well-known for his expansive paintings, served as a model, and artists like Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and Anish Kapoor also inspired him. As a result, your entire outfit can be inspired by the collection’s art and design, which is vibrant and daring.

There are 3 colour schemes:

Black Multi: A black bag covered with white and grey splotches.

Brown Rice Multi: A cream-coloured bag covered in white and light blue splatters, with a few darker splatters added for contrast.

Eclipse Multi: An orange and green logo on the front of a dark blue, denim-coloured tote with orange and green splatters.

The leather tote bag will be in cement, with three vibrant colours and four new hues this season. To provide shade inside, the logo is more contrasted, and the lining has a different colour.

The Terry Collection Bags

The new collection of Marc Jacobs’s stunning Terry Tote bags includes various sizes and a unique pouch design ideal for summer travel. A brand-new, ultra-feminine fabric with a luxurious towelling look is used to create the tote bag. The baby pink and sunny yellow are team favourites among the black and white combos and bright colours ideal for summer.

If you enjoy the Marc Jacobs totes, you might want to check out the cross-body sister bag, the Marc Jacobs Snapshot, which is ideal for day-to-night wearing. The information on our blog is provided below.

How can I clean a tote bag by Marc Jacobs?

Care and cleanliness are essential to keep your tote bag’s attractiveness.

You’ll need a small bristle brush and some fabric cleaner or fairy-up liquid if you have one of the canvas-style Marc Jacobs tote bags. Make a soapy mixed solution by combining it with warm water. Work slowly with the small brush to remove any stray dirt marks or black stains on the bag.

You can wipe down your tote with a towel or baby wipe to keep it clean and fresh if it is made of leather, which is typically a more manageable fabric to maintain.

What Fits Inside the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag?

What you will use the Marc Jacobs bags for influences your decision when comparing their various sizes. Therefore, we prepared each tote bag for a variety of summertime outings. Here is what we could quickly put into the Large Marc Jacobs Tote bag we packed for a day at the beach.


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