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Michael Kors Handbag Design is Simple and Chic

A Michael Kors handbag design is simple and chic, and it is a favourite among fashionistas. Made from saffiano leather, these bags are lined with logo prints, have a lobster clasp, and are well-sewn. The designer’s handbags are also very popular among celebrities, including George Clooney’s wife.

Michael Kors Handbags Are Made of Saffiano Leather

Saffiano leather is a high-quality leather that is renowned for its durability. Michael Kors handbags are made from a criss-cross pattern that makes it extremely durable. While there are many fake Michael Kors handbags on the market, you can easily spot a genuine one based on the consistency of the logo, stitching, and material/colour of the lining.

Saffiano leather is a thick, heavy leather that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This leather is durable and waterproof. This material is a staple of Michael Kors handbags and is used in their bestselling collections. Michael Kors has also used other high-quality materials to make their handbags.

The gray tag on Michael Kors handbags includes the company name, “Michael Kors,” and the country of manufacture (Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, or China). The tag directly below the country of origin also includes a two-letter code, followed by four numbers that represent the year of manufacture. For example, 4214 means the bag was manufactured on April 2, 2014.

Genuine Michael Kors handbags should have a logo that is not easily visible, and that is encrusted into the leather. The Michael Kors logo should also be centered, and the hardware should be solid and sturdy. Check for the quality of stitching on the straps, as some fakes are missing this detail.

They Are Lined With Logo Print

Michael Kors handbags are lined with the company’s trademark logo print. The print is a double circle pattern with dotted lines, with “M.K.” in the middle. The logo is very easy to identify and can be found in the interior pocket behind the flap on the inside.

Original Michael Kors handbags are lined with a soft satin blend material with leather trimming. The material is soft but has a subtle rigidity to it. You can usually find these bags at Michael Kors outlets. Some Michael Kors handbags do not have a lining, as they are made of canvas. The lining is usually the same color as the rest of the bag.

To protect your Michael Kors handbag, do not store it on the floor or in any area that is prone to dirt. Instead, clean it using a microfiber cloth and warm water. When not in use, always put your items inside so that they do not spill out or get caught in anything. After cleaning, make sure that you wipe dry with a clean cloth to avoid damaging your handbag. Do not rub your Michael Kors handbag – this will cause damage over time.

When shopping for a Michael Kors handbag, look for the logo print on the inside. Most authentic Michael Kors handbags have a beige or light beige inlining. But a fake Michael Kors bag will have a darker shade of inlining. Moreover, a knock-off logo will face in a different direction than the authentic one. In addition, a fake Michael Kors handbag will rustle and feel stiffer than the original one.

They Have a Lobster Clasp

Michael Kors handbags are usually made of top-quality metals and craftsmanship. However, some counterfeit producers will attempt to pass off a knock-off bag as authentic. To prevent this, be sure to buy from a legitimate retailer. The company works with law enforcement agencies, retailers, and legal representatives worldwide to ensure that their bags are safe for purchase. In the United States, Michael Kors has become one of the most counterfeited luxury brands. Recently, the company filed a lawsuit against vendors at the Boulevard Flea Market in New Haven, Connecticut, who were selling fake Michael Kors handbags. Saffiano leather is one of the most popular types of leather used in Michael Kors handbags.

Another common feature of Michael Kors handbags is the lobster clasp and key ring. Whether these two features are real or fake is a matter of personal preference. Authentic bags will have a nicely sewn loop and buckle. The straps will be straight and not lopsided. The buckle should have four stitches along the horizontal line.

The real Michael Kors zipper pull has a brass finish and an elongated design. It should not tuck into the leather tab but should be easily opened. Fake zipper pulls are usually made of plastic with a metallic finish. They are more likely to break than real ones. They should also have the exact same typeface, font, and colour as the real thing.

They Are Well-sewn

The saffiano leather used in the construction of Michael Kors handbags is a high-quality material that can withstand repeated use. The stitching is also very detailed, and if you spot any flaws, the designer will replace them right away. The seams should be well defined and straight, and there should be no excess thread that comes out.

A properly-sewn Michael Kors handbag is made with double stitching in the pockets. The seams are also evenly spaced and should not be uneven. Similarly, Michael Kors handbags should feature a sturdy buckle with a horizontal line of four stitches.

Michael Kors handbags are made in countries such as China, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, and Korea. Although the brand has a global presence, its handbags are manufactured in China, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The company also works with law enforcement agencies to stop counterfeiters from entering the United States.

While Michael Kors handbags are extremely expensive, they are also very durable and withstand daily use. The serial number can be easily identified. The serial number is typically located behind a flap on the interior of the bag, just below where the main zipper closes. The serial number is easy to read, especially if you have the current logo.

They Are Durable

Michael Kors handbags are made with quality materials. You can use them for a long time. Their design features neutral shades and a contemporary cosmopolitan feel. They come in monochrome and tone-on-tone colour options and feature signature oversized appliques.

Michael Kors handbags are made with saffiano leather, which is durable and has a distinctive crisscross pattern. Beware of fake Michael Kors handbags, as they will be made from pleather and not saffiano leather. Check the serial number to make sure the bag is genuine.

Michael Kors is one of the most popular names in American fashion. His line includes ready-to-wear, accessories, and watches. The brand is known for its elegant and sultry themes and is a great place to purchase a fashionable handbag. Aside from bags, Michael Kors also offers sunglasses and watches, as well as fragrances.

Michael Kors handbags are made with exotic materials. Some of these include snakeskin. They are durable, supple, and look upscale. Real snakeskin, leather, and synthetic materials are used to make Michael Kors handbags.

They Are Popular With Celebrities

The Michael Kors brand is well known among celebrities, and for a good reason. The designer has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including menswear designer of the year in 2003 and womenswear designer of the year in 1999. He is also the designer of choice for many household names. His appearance on the hit television show Project Runway has further helped to establish the Michael Kors brand as one of the most fashionable brands around.

Michael Kors has stores in over 60 countries, and their websites can be easily found on the Internet. Many people are interested in purchasing these handbags, and it is not difficult to find one online. Not only do they sell Michael Kors handbags, but the brand also offers many other products, including wallets, watches, shoes, belts, and accessories. It is worth noting that the Michael Kors handbags are quite exclusive and sell out quickly. But you can get one for yourself at a discounted price if you shop at a Macy’s in the United States.

Another popular Michael Kors handbag is the Michael Kors Mercer handbag. This handbag features a logo lock charm and is made of bonded leather. This handbag also has an interior pocket, as well as leather lining. In addition to the classic Michael Kors handbags, Michael Kors also offers designer bags in a wide variety of colours and materials.

They Are a Good Investment

There are many reasons to purchase a Michael Kors handbag. Not only are they fashionable and practical, but they are made of high-quality materials and are very durable. There is something for everyone with a Michael Kors handbag. These are great options for people who love fashion and want to buy quality designer bags.

You can find a Michael Kors handbag at your local retail store and in many online stores. These websites are visited by many people and contain plenty of reviews. This can make it easier for you to find a bag that you love. Macy’s has a wide selection of Michael Kors products, and they frequently offer big discounts.

Luxury handbags are a great investment for those who have the funds to purchase them. They are also an excellent way to express your style and personal taste. However, the high prices should not deter you from purchasing one. A Michael Kors handbag is a worthwhile investment and will definitely bring you a lot of compliments.

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