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Italian Handmade Bags

Italian Handmade Bags

Studio Sarta

The Italian handbags from Studio Sarta are renowned for their elegant and modern design. Established in Sicily, the company was established in 2017 by brothers Fabio and Giorgia Gaeta. Using locally sourced vegetable-tanned leather and Viennese straw, these bags boast a bold and timeless design. Designed for the modern woman, these bags are perfect for carrying your essentials.

Every step of the Sarta bag manufacturing process is handmade, from cleaning the raw hides to dying them. In Tuscany, the leather is tanned using vegetable dyes. The artisans at Studio Sarta then combine the leather with wicker and hand-sewing.

The leather handbags from Studio Sarta are handcrafted in Italy and come in an array of styles. The ViviMailBag Zante handbag is an elegant, modern piece of a handbag with a marbled resin handle and bamboo closure. The bag is available in white colour and is perfect for daytime wear.

Italian handbags were once made in many different regions throughout the country before World War II. After WWII, however, the fashion industry became heavily industrialized and needed to produce large quantities of goods. Because Italy had all the elements necessary to produce such bags on a large scale, it became a centre of production. Italians also benefited from a booming economy in the 1960s and were able to sell their goods at a lower price than other countries in Europe. This helped them expand their dominance of the market.


ViaMailBag is a brand that creates high-quality handmade bags from quality materials. It combines style and exclusivity with creative design and attention to detail. Its products have an elegant, timeless look and are made entirely in Italy. The brand is constantly looking for innovative materials to create new designs and styles for its bags.

This brand’s Italian-made handbags are made from genuine calfskin leather and rattan and are completely made in Italy. This bag features a fabric lining, 2 interior slip pockets, gold-toned hardware, and protective metal studs on the bottom.

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