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How to Tell a Fake Handbag From an Authentic One 

How to Tell a Fake Handbag From an Authentic One

In the current economic climate, the number of imitation designer handbags that are being sold continues to climb. This might offer somewhat of a difficulty for the kind of lady who is still on the hunt for true designer handbags. Have no worry; there are techniques to determine whether or not a handbag is genuine and sold by a designer brand. We are here to be of assistance! Here is a list of some of the designer handbag brands that we sell, as well as some tips on how to spot a fake and steer clear of making a purchase that will leave you feeling let down.

Some purses are famous for the buttery leather, hefty hardware, and distinctive linings that they include. The vast majority of handbags sold as imitations do not have the brand’s distinctive satin lining and are not crafted from the same genuine soft leather. When shopping for different designer handbags, keep an eye out for these traits. If the price seems to good to be true, there’s a strong chance that it is.

Handbags by Michael Kors are recognisable by their signature square buckles, snaps, or embellishments. Michael Kors is a well-known fashion designer. These square adornments may be seen on each and every Michael Kors handbag. The imitations do not have these accents and often leave off the company logo that is supposed to be on the hardware.

Handbags designed by Marc Jacobs feature zipper pulls shaped like an angled “i.” If the bag contains “i”s that are positioned vertically, then it is most likely a fake. Handbags that are really made by Marc Jacobs will not feature blank zippers. It is important to take note that a Lampo zipper will be utilised on certain of their E/W (East/West) handbags. A Lampo zipper is one that has been made by Lampo and will feature the Lampo brand name either on the reverse side of the zipper or beneath it. Bags that are not authentic Michael Kors will often feature a tag made of metal or leather dangling from the purse. These are never to be seen on genuine Michael Kors handbags. Steer clear of handbags that have tags saying “Authentic Marc Jacobs” on them. This tactic is used by certain replica makers to give the impression to customers that they have acquired an original bag. On the inside of every Michael Kors bag, there should be a metal label that reads “Michael Kors,” but the bag should not have a serial number or any other kind of identifying number. The handbags designed by Michael Kors do not have this characteristic.

Brahmin handbags: You may be certain that there have not been any instances of knock-offs of Brahmin handbags that have been found. It is possible that these handbags were built in China at one time; thus, you need not be worried if you come across an authentic that reads “made in China,” since this indicates that the handbag is genuine.

Handbags by Cole Haan: Cole Haan is famous for making bags out of leather that is flexible and soft. When you bend the leather, there shouldn’t be any crinkle that can be felt in the material. If the leather has a plasticky or scratchy texture, there is a good likelihood that it is not real leather. If someone is selling a Cole Haan bag for £35, it is likely a knockoff since authentic Cole Haan bags may cost anywhere from £400 to £13,000.

When shopping for an inexpensive designer handbag, there are a few things you should keep in mind, including the following:

Carefully read the description of the bag, and if anything about it seems confusing, be sure to ask questions about it. If the handbag’s description mentions that it is a “replica” or that it is “designer inspired,” then the handbag is not an actual designer item.

Take into consideration the cost of the handbag. If the price seems to be too good to be true, then there is a strong possibility that it is. If the bag is being offered for less than a quarter of its original retail price, there is a good likelihood that it is a fake. You should also be aware that you may get genuine brands online for discounts of up to forty per cent, or even somewhat higher, so you should look into them more.
Find out whether the dealer has a good reputation in the industry. Some questions you may want to ask yourself are, “Do they offer a return policy that is reasonable?” Does their website have an appearance and atmosphere that is professional? Do they also offer items that aren’t handbags designed by famous designers?

Look for distinguishing features that are typical of a certain designer, such as significant trademark qualities. In order to assist you in identifying the brand, we have included some of these characteristics above.
Fine leather and supple textiles are the typical materials used in the construction of designer handbags. If the handbag is made of low-quality leather, there is a good chance that it is fake.

Verify that the stitching is even and in a straight line by inspecting it. Authentic designer handbag knockoffs often contain stitching that is either crooked or unfinished. Genuine bags are easily identifiable by their even and straight stitching.
Most essential, if you aren’t certain, ask the dealer whether the bag they are selling is legitimate, and inquire about their return policy at the same time.

If the seller is ready to provide a return policy or a satisfaction guarantee of one hundred per cent, then the designer handbags are almost certainly genuine. We have high hopes that we have been able to provide you with the information and resources you need to purchase genuine designer handbags.

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