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How to Spot Genuine Original Designer Handbags


One of the ways to determine if a handbag is genuine is to check the fabric and the stitching. Genuine handbags should have no loose stitches, the thread should be the same colour throughout, and the stitches should be evenly spaced. If the handbag is leather, check the logo engraved on the flap or side.

A third-party authenticator is a company that promises to authenticate luxury goods for a fee. Many of these companies offer training and checklists to ensure the authenticity of handbags. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s important to keep in mind that these services are only based on the authenticator’s opinion. Counterfeiters are not only cheating consumers, but they’re also violating the copyright and trademark of original creators.

Another way to check for the authenticity of original designer handbags is to check the stitching on the handbag. A handbag that is not authentic will show inconsistent stitching or even different coloured threads. Authentic designer handbags will also have dates and serial numbers. These details will help you distinguish between a knockoff and an original.

The font used for serial numbers will vary depending on the model. A fake bag will have thicker letters or missing symbols. The inside tag should also indicate the name of the brand and the country of manufacture. Authentic designer handbags will have a trademark symbol. If a handbag is not stamped with a trademark symbol, it’s likely to be a knockoff.

It’s important to remember that counterfeit designer handbags are more common than people may think. A report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says that about one in every three designer handbags sold online is a fake. It’s, therefore, crucial to buy designer handbags from reputable retailers.

Signs of a Fake Bag

A counterfeit designer handbag can have a number of features that set it apart from a genuine one. First and foremost, authentic designer handbags are made from high-quality materials. A handbag should smell like leather and feel strong and durable. If it does not, it is most likely fake and does not bear the designer’s trademark. Moreover, the stitching on a real bag should be uniform. If the stitching is uneven, it is a clear sign that it is a fake.

Another quick way to spot a fake is if it has loose threads. A high-end clothing store would never allow loose threads to appear on a bag. The tags should feature information about the brand. Similarly, the size and shape should match. In a high-end designer handbag, the brand may even include information about the materials used to make the handbag.

A fake designer handbag can also have uneven stitches or slanted stitching. This is especially obvious if you are buying online. Buying an expensive handbag online may lead to a scam, so it is a good idea to check reviews and check a retailer’s authenticity. It’s easy for sellers to fake the quality of a handbag online, so make sure to check pictures closely.

Another way to tell if a handbag is genuine is to examine the hardware. An authentic brand would use a quality leather trim while a fake one will have a coating of canvas or leather elsewhere. The hardware used on the bag should also be uniform.

Signs of a Real Bag

One of the most important signs of a real designer handbag is the stitching. A fake designer handbag often has uneven or slanted stitching. In addition, the label on the bag should include relevant information about the brand. Often, the manufacturer will list the country where they manufacture the handbag, as well as the materials used in the construction. All of these details should match the brand.

Purchasing a designer handbag online is a good option, but be aware of the risk of getting a fake. Make sure to research all the retailers you are considering before purchasing. When buying online, take a close look at the bag. Check the material, seams, workmanship, and pockets. If you find any of these factors out of place, contact the retailer and ask for a refund.

The leather is another sign of authenticity. Real designer bags are made of high-quality material. The leather trim of the handbag should be made of leather, while a fake one will be made of coated canvas. Moreover, the hardware must be of the same colour and finish. Also, it should be easy to open and close the bag.

Genuine designer handbags have precise stitching. Poor stitching is another sign of a fake designer handbag. If you find a seam with popped stitches, you know it’s not an authentic bag. Authentic designer handbags are typically handmade in Europe. Moreover, they usually have protective packaging on their handles.

Another sign of authenticity is the logo of a big brand. A real designer handbag will have the logo of a big brand prominently displayed. However, counterfeiters tend to misspell the logo, the brand name, or any other details on the logo. It is best to research the brand before buying.

Signs of a Fake Bag

The best way to spot a fake designer handbag is to look for obvious signs of counterfeiting. A fake designer handbag may have loose or missing stitches. The stitching should be even and not slanted. A real designer handbag will have perfect stitching. It should be supple and durable.

Discoloured hardware is another sign of a fake. Most authentic bags will have logo monograms, but counterfeits will be missing them. Usually, the tags will have information about the brand, such as the country of manufacture and the materials used. The information on the tag should match the information on the label.

Authenticity cards can help you determine whether the bag is authentic. A genuine designer bag will be accompanied by a card that is unique to the brand. If the bag doesn’t come with an authenticity card, then it’s most likely a fake. Another sign of fake designer handbags is that the logo is misspelt or distorted.

Authentic designer handbags are always carefully packaged. They are usually wrapped in tissue paper or other protective materials. If the bag isn’t packaged well, it’s probably a fake. You can also find signs of wear if the bag has minor flaws. Authentic designer bags don’t have sloppy stitching, and if there are, chances are it’s a fake.

Cost of a Real Bag

The cost of a real original designer handbag varies widely, depending on the brand and the designer. The retail price of a handbag can range anywhere from £250 to over £1,800, and some brands can charge up to 20 times the cost of the handbag. Retailers are a great place to check out the condition and description of a handbag, but it is still important to remember that the cost of the handbag does not necessarily indicate its authenticity.

A real designer handbag will never come cheap. While genuine bags may be discounted, they will never be sold for bargain-basement clearance prices. Be wary of sellers who advertise prices that seem out of this world. For instance, if a seller advertises the Louis Vuitton handbag for only £50, he’s selling a fake. A real Louis Vuitton handbag can cost up to £800, so don’t be fooled by such a low price.

Even a small top-handle bag, such as the Hermes Mini Kelly, can cost as much as £8,000 (for a leather version) and can be comparable to the resale value of luxury cars. For those who can afford the extra money, a small top-handle bag from Hermes is a great option.

Some shoppers don’t mind paying this price for a handbag. However, if you’re not willing to spend that much on a luxury handbag, consider buying a cheaper one from a second-hand store. These bags can be just as fashionable and last for a long time. Some of them can even become investment pieces.

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