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How to Recognise a Fake Chanel Bag

How to Recognise a Fake Chanel Bag

Sticker with a Chanel hologram: The great majority of Chanel handbags produced after the middle of the 1980s and up to the present day should have a hologram-authenticity sticker in addition to the authenticity card that corresponds to it. A number sequence that is going to be shown on the holographic sticker will be the same number sequence that is going to be put on the plastic authenticity card. However, the absence of the original authenticity card from a previously owned handbag is not, by itself, sufficient evidence to conclude that the handbag is a fake. When a handbag is finally resold on eBay or another website like it, the authenticity card does not always come with it since it is possible that it was lost or forgotten at some point over the years. This is not the seller’s fault, by the way; it may have happened for any number of reasons. Obviously, the higher the age of the purse, the bigger the likelihood that the card has been misplaced inside it. This means that the absence of a card does not always indicate that a handbag is phoney.

Sticker designed by Chanel for each layer: The golden sparkles are a defining characteristic of Chanel handbags and can be traced back to the middle of the company’s fifth series. The golden sparkles may be found on the top transparent layer of the holographic sticker, and they will be randomly dispersed around the top layer of the sticker. This characteristic is going to look like a form of gold glitter. A strip that runs vertically reading: The serial number for Chanel will be found off to the far right of the other numbers in the series. In addition, there will be a thick and dark vertical line located on the extreme left side of the holographic sticker.

The following will be the three primary characteristics of the holographic sticker:

A repeating linear pattern of the Chanel emblem to the right of the digits.
To the left of the serial numbers, there will be a line that is rather thick and dark in colour.
The well-known gold glitter is going to cover the sticker completely (from mid-late 5 series and beyond).
The lowest layer of white stickers is comprised of: This layer will be placed behind the layer that is transparent, and it will be sliced into a pattern that looks like an upside-down letter X, sometimes known as a criss-cross pattern. Have fun and be safe while you’re out and about!

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