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Determine Whether or Not a Designer Handbag is Real or Fake

They desire these bags for a good reason since the quality is superior to any other available option. In addition to this, they are highly trendy, timeless, and sassy. Unfortunately, not all bags are legitimate, nor are they always the ones they claim to be. Read on to get knowledgeable and informed so you can always get the finest discounts possible and find out how to distinguish real bags from counterfeit ones.

A luxury item often comes with a lifetime warranty because of the product’s superior quality. Hermès and Louis Vuitton stand behind their goods one hundred percent. They are not just real bags but also a piece of investment jewelry. Prices may be alarming, but not when one knows what they are receiving in exchange for those prices. A person is not gaining anything when forced to settle with a knockoff. They cannot resell it, and when it eventually begins to come apart, they will have no choice except to dispose of it.

It is simple to differentiate an authentic handbag from a replica when the two are placed next to each other for inspection; however, consumers do not have this opportunity. If you follow these pointers, you will have no trouble distinguishing an authentic bag from a fake one and will save yourself the anguish of finding out later that you have been duped out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Cards Proving Their Authenticity

The fact that handbags come with an authenticity certificate does not automatically qualify them as handbags. Expert forgers are also able to forge the card successfully. When purchasing a location other than where the brand’s products are sold, consumers should be careful of the presence of gift cards. To begin with, purses made by Louis Vuitton and Hermes do not even come equipped with them. Check the cards for holograms; genuine ones should often have a gold border around them. Be on the lookout for discrepancies, such as differences in the text size, type, and bag number, as well as bogus symbol stickers, which are often located in the top right-hand corner of the card.


Take a look at the tag found on the inside of the goods that has the brand name. The bags will be perfect in every way, particularly in terms of the printing of their character. There is a good likelihood that it is a knockoff if the name is stitched at an angle that is not parallel to the stitching or if there are any other defects. Given that they have a reputation to protect, it is inconceivable that a well-known company would overlook even the tiniest flaw in their work.

Proper Identification

A legitimate identifying stamp is a crucial evidence to look for when attempting to distinguish real bags from counterfeit ones. The letters represent the country code for the factory that built the handbag, while the numbers indicate the year the bag was manufactured. The year may be deduced from the second and fourth digits of the number. The first and third Mondays of that year make up the week. Finding a fake handbag using this approach might be challenging because counterfeiters quickly learn and replicate new techniques. Looking at them could help locate a bag, but other times it won’t be.


Another way to distinguish real bags from imitations is to look at the stitching. Examine the stitching carefully; the bag is probably not authentic if anything seems sloppy or out of the ordinary. I must maintain proper posture and refrain from pressing too firmly into the cloth. The use of various thread colors for the embroidery is another hint. Sometimes those who make fake currency would conceal a different hue beneath taps or in other parts of the bag that aren’t easily accessible to the naked eye.

Check every little detail, and if any of them are less than ideal, that should be a warning to steer clear of that bag. Problems with leather tabs, excess fabric, gold fasteners that are weak or peeling, and other characteristics like these are big signs that one may be purchasing a copycat bag. Bags are guaranteed to be of the finest quality and will always be flawless.

Many tips are available for each brand of authentic handbag, but these are the fundamentals of spotting a fake when time is of the essence!

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