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How to Purchase an Authentic Chanel Handbag Online

How to Purchase an Authentic Chanel Handbag Online

There are a few ways to purchase an authentic Chanel handbag online. Purchasing on eBay is the most secure way, as sellers are not likely to sell knockoffs. Buying on AliExpress is not a good idea because most of these handbags are shot from the back, so there is no visible branding on the handbags.


Authentic Chanel handbags are often branded with their serial number. These are placed on the inside lining of the handbag or on a small leather tag that is sewn into the interior. The serial number must look professional, with sharp lines and bold fonts.


When you want to make sure that you’re buying a Chanel handbag, you can check its authenticity online. You can also use the serial number on the handbag to confirm its authenticity. This serial number is typically located on the inside lining or a small leather tag sewn into the interior. If the serial number is missing, it’s probably fake.

CC lock

When buying an authentic Chanel handbag online, you should look for several key features. One of the most important things to look for is a hologram sticker and an authenticity card. If a bag does not have either, it’s probably a fake. In addition, you should check the hardware. A fake Chanel handbag will usually have poor-quality hardware.


Hardware is an important characteristic of a genuine Chanel handbag. A genuine Chanel purse should have two distinct screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. These screws are proprietary to Chanel, and you can only use a proprietary screwdriver to secure them. Authentic Chanel handbags will not use Phillips-head screws.

Quilting pattern

An authentic Chanel handbag has a very precise quilting pattern. Each panel of a quilted diamond or square should have at least nine to eleven individual stitches. You will notice that the stitching is even and consistent across the bag, even on the back.

Vintage Chanel bags

When purchasing a vintage Chanel handbag, the first thing to look for is authenticity. A genuine bag has a serial number on the inside, which should be the same as the date of manufacture. The serial number should never begin with “A”. If the serial number is missing, it could be a fake. A genuine bag will also be stamped “Made in Italy” and will have a bar code.


Authentication is an important aspect of purchasing a Chanel handbag, whether you plan on buying it online or offline. Chanel began using date codes in the mid-eighties, and serial numbers can be found on the interior lining or a small leather tag sewn into the interior. In addition, an authentic Chanel bag will have the Chanel registered trademark symbol, a capital R inside a circle.


Tradesy is a unique online marketplace that lets you buy and sell authentic designer handbags. Its sellers maintain full control over the sale process. The website offers three different methods for earning cash from your sale. You can sell your handbag directly to a buyer or sell it on consignment. Tradesy’s suggested retail price is based on smart data and changes accordingly. Tradesy only accepts handbags from 37 designers. If you’re looking to buy an authentic Chanel handbag online, you should use Tradesy.

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