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How to Authenticate Burberry Handbags

How to Authenticate Burberry Handbags

Handbags from Burberry are the epitome of elegance and sophistication, and purchasing one is a significant financial commitment. One may almost understand (but not completely) why so many people make fake “designer” things in the hopes of emulating the appeal of renowned Burberry purses. Sadly, in the modern day, there are more manufacturers of imitation ‘designer’ things, which are often offered for prices that are far more than their actual value.

What’s the worst of it? Fashionistas who put in a lot of effort to seem good end up being taken advantage of, and they have no idea it’s happening until they try to resale their item to a shop that focuses on authenticity (yup, like us). Except if you know anything about Luxity at all, you already know that we never sell anything but real, high-end luxury things – and there’s a solid reason for that! Handbags sold under the Burberry brand name are guaranteed to be authentic if they are constructed with high-quality components, have elegant designs, and are well crafted. As a result, in order to avoid being taken advantage of, we have compiled a list of some helpful recommendations for authenticating Burberry handbags.


When one thinks of the Burberry brand, the first thing that springs to mind is the firm’s recognisable check pattern known as the Burberry check. Because this is often the first indicator of authenticity as well, it is essential to get acquainted with the brand’s prints in order to avoid any confusion. The HAYMARKET CHECK and the NOVA CHECK are two of the most well-known patterns that Burberry has to offer.

Classic Check From the Burberry Haymarket

The backdrop of the Classic Check pattern is tan, and it is ornamented with horizontal and vertical stripes of black, white, and red. Additionally, there is a fading knight symbol located at the junction of two red lines, as shown in the image above.

Burberry Nova Check

A pattern that is comparable is the Nova Check. The backdrop is tinted with a pale yellow colour, while the lines that should be red in the Classic Check pattern are instead tinted with a pinkish colour (as seen above). In addition, the fading knight symbol is not present in the Nova Check pattern.

Other Burberry Patterns

Despite this, the business has experimented with a wide variety of diverse iterations, such as the limited-edition rainbow check design that Burberry issued in support of LGBTQ people. However, we feel obligated to advise you to exercise care in regard to other creative variations that are not very popular since there is a possibility that they are an imitation signifiers.

In addition to this, you should strive to steer clear of any bags that are missing certain design pieces or that feature alteration to these conventional patterns. Check to see that the squares that are produced by the lines intersecting are tidy and even. A poor-quality knockoff may be identified by its messy pattern. Last but not least, if you are still doubtful, compare the pattern on the bag to a picture of an original Burberry bag on a website that has been certified as being legitimate.


If you are looking at a Burberry product and see sloppy stitching or an excessive amount of glue, you should go elsewhere. Burberry is well-known for the high-quality materials and workmanship it uses. Therefore, we highly recommend that you get up close and personal with your Burberry bag and examine the way in which it is stitched together. The stitching should be straight, crisp, even, and clean from the handle all the way down to the lining inside the bag, and there should be no loose threads. It’s possible that what you’re looking at is phoney if it seems sloppy or off in any other way.


A leather tag or a metal plaque may be seen inside the majority of Burberry handbags. The metal plaque should be the same colour as the hardware on the exterior of the bag, and it should have the words “Burberry – London” engraved on it using the typeface that is distinctive to the company. However, if the label on the item says that it was manufactured in Poland, Romania, India, Spain, Italy, the United States of America, or China, you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Burberry has factories located all over the world, and the company even works with other high-end clothing manufacturers in various regions to produce items on their behalf. Instead, one may examine the lettering, which has Burberry’s characteristic typeface, which is easily recognisable. There is a tiny expansion on the left side of the U and the Y, and the tails on the R’s are rather short. Verify that the logo is positioned in the middle of the garment and that any sewing is aligned and done neatly. In addition, a style number may be found on the opposite side of the ‘Made in’ label on the majority of new and original Burberry handbags.

Where Can I Get It?

If you go to shady back alleys or dubious websites in search of genuine luxury goods, you should be prepared to pay a premium for imitations of low-quality that are sold at inflated costs. Legitimate Burberry can only be purchased from official Burberry shops or authentic designer resellers like as Luxity. Here at Luxity, we guarantee that the luxury things we offer are genuine or we won’t sell them at all. Are you prepared to take a look at some genuine Burberry handbags? You may shop with us in person at our flagship locations in Cape Quarter, Cape Town, and Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, or you can take advantage of our user-friendly online store, which has a wider selection of GENUINE premium brands.

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