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Hermes Handbags – Kelly Sellier, Kelly Retourne, Constance, and More

Hermes Handbags – Kelly Sellier, Kelly Retourne, Constance, and More

You will find some great options in this article if you are in the market for a Hermes Handbag. You can find information on Kelly Sellier, Kelly Retourne, Constance, and more. Buying the best Hermes Handbag is a great investment and will bring years of pleasure.

Hermes Kelly

Buying a Hermes Kelly handbag can be challenging. The price tags are usually the first thing people look at to determine their worth. However, Kelly fans say the optional strap is a huge advantage. Moreover, Kelly has become a sought-after brand for younger customers.

The new Kelly was released from 2017 to 2018. It is crafted from Toile de Camp canvas, a more fibrous material than cotton. The Cavalcadour Kelly has an equestrian feel, while the Dechainee Kelly is based on sketches of horse bits. The pique sellier technique is used on nearly all Hermes leather goods.

The Kelly handbag comes in a wide variety of materials, including leather. Some are made from calfskin, but others are crafted from other materials. The leather used for a Kelly depends on the style. The Retourne style of Kelly bags was first produced in calf box leather, Hermes’ oldest leather. It has a smooth finish but can be prone to scratches and watermarks. It also has a mirror-like texture. Hermes began using Togo leather in 1997, and Togo leather is still the most popular for Kelly Retourne bags. Togo leather is named after the Togolese Republic in Africa.

The Kelly handbag is one of Hermes’ most iconic bags. Its humble origins date back to the 1850s, when it was first used as a saddle holder by equestrians. It was later renamed the Kelly handbag after Grace Kelly, who famously used the bag to hide her pregnant belly from the paparazzi. The Kelly handbag became a fashion statement in its own right, becoming a status symbol.

The history of the Kelly handbag goes back further than the history of the Birkin. The Kelly has existed longer than the Birkin handbag, making it the most historically important of Hermes’ handbags. It is traceable to the Haut a Courroies saddle bag, originally designed as a saddle holder for equestrians. The original design of the Kelly was modified by Robert Dumas, a son-in-law of Emile Hermes.

Known for its exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials, the Hermes Kelly handbag has been a perennial contender for its bag of the century. It is crafted by renowned craftsmen using the finest leather available. To create a Hermes bag, a craftsman must spend five years in the company.

Kelly Sellier

This Birkin is in perfect condition and comes with a full set of Hermes accessories. It is also sold with a Hermes box. You can be sure that this is a genuine Hermes Bag. It is a must-have accessory for any fashionista. You will be amazed by the detail and beauty of this beautiful handbag.

This bag comes in two different sizes, the Kelly Sellier and Kelly Retourne. While they are both made of the same leather, some differences exist. The outside stitching on the Sellier is more visible, while the stitching on the Retourne is more subtle. This makes the Sellier the more expensive of the two.

The Sellier style has sharp edges, visible stitching, and a ladylike structure. The Sellier is also made of harder leather. The Retourne style, on the other hand, is made of softer leathers. You can easily spot the difference in style by examining the contrasting colours.

The hardware on the Kelly bags varies, but the general features are the same. They have four bottom feet and a turn-lock in the front. They also feature a double ring on the handle at the base. This addition makes it easier to use the strap and adds practicality. Also, the Kelly bag has a shoulder strap. It makes it more comfortable to use and allows for hands-free use.

The Kelly Sellier is an iconic handbag made famous by Grace Kelly. She was a legendary beauty, actress, and princess of Monaco. In the 1950s, a Life magazine photo of her with a Kelly bag made the bag famous. Grace Kelly used the Kelly bag to hide her pregnancy from the paparazzi. Then, in 1955, the Princess of Monaco introduced it to the public. Since then, the name “Kelly” has become synonymous with the Kelly handbag.

The Kelly Sellier is more expensive than the Retourne. The artisan that makes a Kelly bag spends 18 to 24 hours. The Kelly Sellier is also more rigid, so it takes more time to make.

Kelly Retourne

This Birkin is in excellent condition, with all Hermes’ accessories and box. A perfect example of a classic Birkin, it is a must-have for any fashionista. It is a gorgeous bag for a special occasion or simply to carry your daily essentials.

Unlike the Sellier style, the Kelly Retourne is made with softer leather. The interior is also roomier than the Sellier, making it better for a more casual lifestyle. Princess Grace wore a black box of leather Kelly. However, its supple exterior makes it prone to sagging.

When shopping for a Kelly bag, it is important to choose the right style based on your style. The most suitable style for everyday use depends on your lifestyle, how often you carry things, what you wear, and where you frequently visit. Opt for a classic or casual style that goes with your outfit for everyday use.

The Kelly bag design was inspired by a scarf pattern designed by Jacques Rudel. It was later transferred to leather and was introduced to the public in 2010. It has a dark exterior colour with a lighter interior hue. The strap is made of leather and an alligator strap. In 2016, Hermes began offering a new collection of handbags called “Verso”, which features different-coloured interiors.

Hermes Kelly bags are available in various sizes. The most popular sizes are K28, K32, and K35. The straps are detachable and can be transformed to carry as a shoulder bag or crossbody. The leather strap can also be customized for a longer strap.

The iconic Hermes Kelly is a coveted handbag that symbolizes femininity. While the Birkin is much more popular and widely available, the Kelly is the more elusive and sought-after style for true Hermes aficionados. The Kelly is luxurious and functional, making it the perfect everyday bag.

Hermes Kelly bags are made of two types of leather. The softer Clemence leather is more scratch-resistant and durable, while the heavier Togo leather is softer and smoother. The two are made of different types of leather, which can also be dyed. To maintain the original look of the Kelly, Hermes uses two types of leather: Togo and Evercolor.

Constance Hermes Bag

The Constance Hermes handbag is available in many luxurious types of leather and colours. Its signature H clasp opens with a spring-loaded mechanism and can be made from gold or palladium. It can also feature enamel or diamond-encrusted trims. The inside is lined with lambskin leather.

A single Hermes craftsman takes between 14 and 18 hours to make a Constance bag. In the past, these bags were made from classic Box Calf leather or Porosus crocodile and finished with gold hardware. Since then, this style has been made in a variety of materials. The craftsmanship involved in making a Constance bag has also evolved over the years.

Despite being discontinued, the Constance handbag has been in production for over fifty years. The Constance is the third-most-popular style in the brand’s range and is often sought-after by collectors. It was favoured by Jacqueline Kennedy, who coveted the youthful yet sophisticated design.

The Constance handbag features an elegant, cross-body format and a well-designed aesthetic. It is adorned with the gold-plated letter “H” that symbolises the House of Fraser. Its slender design is enhanced by its two-part horizontal bar. A single Constance Hermes handbag has two compartments and is made with precision and care.

The Constance is available in four sizes. The standard Constance is 14cm across. The medium-sized Constance is 18cm across. The larger Constance is 25cm across. Currently, the Elan Constance is discontinued and largely replaced by the Constance.

The Constance is renowned for its beautiful craftsmanship and intricate detail. Its unique style and design distinguish it from other brands. The Marquette Constance line features stunning Marquetry detailing. This traditional method of inlaying exotic materials into wood dates back to the 16th century. Other Constance lines use leather, enamel lacquer, and Varanus niloticus lizard as their materials. They are available in a wide range of preset colour schemes.

The Constance Hermes handbag has a history of being a symbol of class and femininity. It has been the staple handbag of many celebrities. In 1983, Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas met on an international flight. Jane was complaining about the stiffness of other handbags and wanted something more relaxed. Dumas and Birkin came up with the design for the Birkin bag after experimenting with an air-sickness bag.

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