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Five Suggestions to Keep You and Your Bag Safe

Congratulations! You recently purchased a new handbag and can’t wait to flaunt it to everyone! Nothing compares to the exhilaration of wearing a new pair of shoes or going out with a new purse for the first time. Half the fun of shopping is the reaction when you show off what you’ve bought to your friends.

It always feels nice to display your most recent acquisition, whether you’re parading New York streets or tripping over the pavement in Stratford-upon-Avon.

However, like with most things, others always want to ruin this experience for their personal benefit.

So what can you do to ensure your safety and the safety of your bag? We have put together a list of simple rules to prevent burglars from taking your handbag.

1. When in the Automobile, Always Conceal Your Stuff

Given how simple an abandoned bag’s target might be, it may surprise you that handbag theft from cars outnumbered street “snatch” offenses by a 5:1 margin in 2007.

Always stow your handbag out from view as you get into the car. Keep your purse hidden even if you are still driving or in the car to prevent opportunistic thieves from using it as a convenient target.

Never leave your handbag on the show after leaving your car. Even though it nearly goes without saying, it still happens frequently. Always keep your purse hidden, despite the best locking mechanism and loudest car alarm, so thieves won’t be deterred from stealing it.

2. Keep Your Bag Out of the Direction of Oncoming Cars

Always try to make it difficult for opportunistic thieves. Wearing your handbag on the other shoulder will minimize the possibility of handbag theft, which is simple yet effective safety advice! Many handbag thefts happen when passing drivers snag them from pedestrians’ arms.

3. Keep an Eye Out in Pubs, Clubs, and Eateries

Where are the images of women twirling around their purses? It’s possible that someone spotted how simple it would have been to steal the bag in question or that someone else noted how ridiculous it appeared. In either case, it’s probably for the best in terms of safety.

Keep your handbag in sight when you’re out on the town, another suggestion from the school of common sense safety. Give burglars no opportunity to keep hold of their luggage because the mix of alcohol and an abandoned purse can be too much for even experienced criminals.

Additionally, be on the lookout for anyone who offers to store your bags or other possessions in a cloakroom, as this is an all too simple con. You should check your possessions in a secure place if you want them checked in.

4. Use Across-body Bags With Caution

Although they seem like the ideal solution, body-strapped bags may do more harm than good. It doesn’t act as a deterrent as you might imagine because a sharp-eyed thief is likelier to have noticed the load than the strap. It also implies that if anyone tries to steal it, they may get more than they bargained for when they tug you along with them, which could cause harm to you.

Naturally, we’re not advocating against carrying purses across the body, but you should be aware that they don’t offer the protection against robberies that you may anticipate.

5. Let It Go if You’re Unsure

No matter how difficult it is to accept, if holding onto your suitcase puts you at any risk, just let it go. Even if you might fall in love with a new handbag, it’s not worth putting your safety in danger to keep it.

Given the high cost of a good-quality handbag and the value of the objects that are now kept in them (phones, purses, credit cards, etc.), it is possible that whoever steals your handbag is more eager to do so than you are to keep it.

Refrain from taking goods from your handbag if you are concerned about theft. You probably don’t need to take your most costly purse if you are running to the store, nor do you need to take half of what is in your handbag. There are also insurance products you can look at if you are concerned that your bags and possessions are quite expensive and want some peace of mind.

If defending your purse is in danger, let it go. Other bags will be present.

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