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Five Different Types of Leather for Bags

The kind of leather best suitable for a certain use will depend on that purpose. For instance, if you want a leather bag, you should go for one made of cowhide rather than other leather types since it is sturdy and less prone to rip. The cowhide has the potential to last the longest, but those who favor a softer feel may prefer a fashionable handbag made of lambskin because of its velvety texture. Additionally, a camera case made of synthetic leather is highly regarded for its excellent durability and flawlessly smooth surface.

The Following Are Some of the Most Common Varieties of Leather:


Leather made from cowhide is obtained in its natural state from the cow. It is a common material choice for various apparel items, including home furniture and automobile seats. Cowhide is a very durable fabric that provides service over a lengthy period. It often has a unique texture and a somewhat harsh sensation. Brands like Fendi and Coach are examples of luxury goods producers that, in producing their wares, make use of pieces of cowhide that are both exceptionally expensive and of high quality.


The leather used to make lambskins comes from sheep. This type of leather is a little thinner than cowhide and more favored on smaller items. It has a silky and supple feel to it all over. However, compared to cowhide, it is substantially more durable. This fabric is far more susceptible to dented, scratches, or torn.


The look of artificial leather, often known as fake leather, is extremely similar to that of genuine leather. However, artificial leather is much less costly than the genuine leather and does not have the same luxurious feel. This synthetic leather is quite smooth and only very seldom has the wrinkles and deformities that natural leather has. Leather originally sourced from an animal will invariably have scars and cuts. Artificial leather may offer the perfect finish. Additionally, it is an excellent alternative for anyone who prefers not to wear things manufactured using animal skin.


A type of leather known as patch leather is constructed out of several separate pieces. Lambskin or cowhide are the most common materials used in its construction. Because it is composed mostly of scraps and offcuts, this leather often offers the best value for the money. Even though it may contain pieces of high-quality leather, it is still unable to fetch the most favorable prices in the market.


Suede is a sort of leather with a fuzzy appearance and a soft feel, making it a popular option for a wide variety of bag types, including backpack-style purses and hobo handbags. Suede is characterized by its fuzzy appearance and its soft feel.

There are a few other types of leather that are considered to be more exotic than cowhide. These include lizard, crocodile, python, ostrich, and fish leather. Cowhide is the most common type of leather used for making bags and other similar accessories.


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