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Buying a Designer Bag on eBay and What to Check

Before bidding on that perfect designer handbag on eBay, here are a few things to keep in mind.

You have finally decided to invest hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars in a genuine designer handbag, have you? Yay, I applaud you! However, you should be aware that before making a purchase, you should be well familiar with the product you will purchase! Before placing a bid on a handbag on eBay, please ensure that you have done all the necessary research to verify that you will be purchasing a genuine designer handbag.

On eBay, vendors are REQUIRED to offer only authentic designer handbags at all times!!!!

It is true. However, it is terrible that some vendors will not only offer counterfeit or phony handbags, but they will also go to great measures to attempt to deceive you into believing that you are bidding on a one hundred percent legitimate bag.

The Following Are Some Safety Precautions That You Should Take:

Make sure you know where the merchant is located. Many vendors in Asia indeed peddle knockoff handbags, but this is not always the case. In this region, the regulations governing intellectual property are not particularly clear, and many manufacturers produce counterfeit handbags. Avoid traveling to China, South Korea, and Singapore at all costs.

Investigate the images with great attention. You may be able to assess whether the handbag is legitimate and in the condition stated by looking at photos provided by the vendor.

Make sure that the photographs are not what are known as “stock” photos. Stock photographs are pictures of the object often seen in advertisements or on the maker’s website. They have a polished look and may have a completely white backdrop, which indicates they have been altered via the software. If they are stock photographs, you won’t be able to get an accurate representation of the bags’ current state.

Is the handbag shown from every conceivable viewpoint? The front, the back, and the sides? All of these elements—including the designer’s mark or brand name, the inside lining, the labels, the zippers, the intricacies of the stitching, and the handles or straps—should be visible in the images.

Get in touch with the seller if you require additional images of the handbag, particularly if you need close-up shots of the serial number, designer name, or stitching to assist you in determining the handbag’s authenticity. If the vendor is legitimate, they will be pleased to accommodate your request, but if they are not, you should get out of there as quickly as you can and don’t look back! Make sure you get all of your questions answered before you bid!

Take a look at the feedback ratings and comments left for the vendor. This assists in determining if the seller is trustworthy within the eBay community and whether or not other purchasers have been happy with the items they have purchased from the vendor. Look especially for any comments or criticism given before that was negative. Customers who have been duped into buying fake handbags or who have gotten their orders in a different condition than described on the listing are likely to offer bad comments.

If a customer has purchased a fake bag from the seller and returned their money, they may choose to write neutral feedback on the transaction. Also, make sure that you read them with great attention.

Investigate the vendor’s refund and exchange policies! If the handbag you purchased does not match the seller’s description or is a fake, you are responsible for determining whether or not you may send it back to the seller and get a refund.

You should probably avoid buying things from a vendor who specifies that all sales are final or that they do not accept returns if possible.

Additionally, thoroughly read the store’s regulations. When you return an item to some sellers, you may be subject to a restocking fee. If the seller’s policy states that there will be a restocking charge equal to thirty percent of the selling price, you may only be returned two hundred and eighty dollars for a handbag that costs four hundred dollars! A dishonest vendor may make quite a bit of money with it!

If you want to confirm certain aspects of the handbag, you should contact the manufacturer directly. For instance, if a bag has an attractive appearance but other aspects, such as the color, are unclear, the maker will be able to identify whether or not they have ever produced a handbag with that particular design.

You may get the contact information for the handbag’s manufacturer by going to the website of the handbag’s maker or by going to the retail shop of the manufacturer if one is located in your region of the country.

Carry Out Your Investigations

It is of the utmost importance to study the appropriate appearance of the handbag you have selected. It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to any local department shop or boutique that sells the bag you are interested in purchasing if you can find one. Bring a checklist with you, and if possible, print down the photographs from the eBay ad so that you may carry them with you.

If you cannot visit a shop that carries the item you want to compare, you may attempt to do so by going online to the website of the real manufacturer and doing it there.

A genuine designer handbag should always include a dust cover, authenticity cards, and care instructions. Serial numbers should also be included. Because these items might also be faked, you shouldn’t trust them to determine whether the handbag is genuine.

It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE to verify that the handbag in the photographs has been wrapped properly. A fake handbag will have paper wrapped around the buckles, plastic covering the handles, and square tags of material dangling from the bag. Unless the handbag were made as a special order, boutique handbags that are brand new and purchased would never have any wrapping on them. Regarding the handbag purchase circumstances, the seller should provide you with a very clear response.

If the vendor informs you that they purchased the handbag from a website on the internet, you should inquire more about the specific website. Bags purchased from websites often still have their original packaging attached; nonetheless, only a select few websites offer authentic designer handbags made by high-end designers. eLuxury is the most well-known of these websites, but you can also buy authentic designer handbags in department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Macy’s, among others.

When these websites provide packaging for their products, the handles are protected by a layer of tissue paper or plastic, and a layer of blue sticky plastic protects the buckles. Additionally, the leather square tags that dangle from the handbag’s straps are fakes!!!! You may also run a search on Google for any brand of authentic designer handbags by appending the words “replica,” “AAAAA,” or “mirror image” to the end of the brand name. This will bring you results for replicas of such handbags. There is a strong possibility that something will occur. You will find listings for brands of products that you would have NEVER guessed existed!!!!

Last but not least, be wary of vendors that offer a great quantity of the SAME ITEM for sale. This is a different situation from merchants that deal in many of the same brands of products, which is a pretty common scenario. A vendor selling 30 of the same bags under the same brand name raises serious red flags, but a vendor selling 25 distinct models under the same brand name is far more likely to be real. Fake designer handbags are continually being sold by vendors who claim to be engaged in wholesale trade.

Always go with what feels right in your gut!!!! Find a trustworthy vendor (yes, many of them on eBay), and be sure to ask lots and lots of questions… Don’t be bashful; a reliable vendor encourages open conversation.

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