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Best Places to Buy a New Handbag in Brussels

Best Places to Buy a New Handbag in Brussels

If you are looking for a stylish handbag that will fit your personality, Brussels has many great shopping districts. These include Avenue Louise, Rue de Bailli, and Maison Dandoy. These shops will give you a look you want without having to break the bank.

Avenue Louise

If you’re looking to buy a new handbag in Brussels, Avenue Louise is the place to be. This upscale mall is home to dozens of boutiques, including the renowned Louis Vuitton. If you’re looking for a bargain, the street’s end-of-line clearance sales can be a great deal. These are great opportunities to purchase designer items at 30 to 75 per cent off the regular ticket price. You can also find household items and sporting goods.

The best time to shop in Brussels is from March to May. However, you can also shop from September to October. However, avoid visiting during the height of summer, as the city gets very hot. Rain can be a problem all year long in Brussels, so you might want to consider visiting in the off-season.

Despite the high-end prices of the stores, you’ll still find plenty of affordable options, too. The Avenue Louise area is home to some of the best luxury brands in Belgium, as well as local designers. Besides shopping, the area also offers great restaurants and cafes.

Avenue Louise is one of the most popular thoroughfares in Brussels. It runs south and borders the Bois de la Cambre, a large park in the city. The shopping street also spans Ixelles and Uccle, two neighbourhoods are known for their casual dining and affordable shopping.

Rue De Bailli

If you’re looking for a new handbag in Brussels, then Rue de Bailli is a great place to start your search. Located near Place Chatalain, you’ll find everything from high-end brands to second-hand handbags. Shops like Must-Have and DOD offer designer handbags at discounted prices. Alternatively, try a little retail therapy at Rose, which offers quirky gifts.

If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir, Belgian chocolate is a must-buy. The chocolates are delicious and famous worldwide. A visit to Brussels won’t be complete without buying a bag made of Belgian chocolate. You’ll find a wide variety of chocolates in Brussels souvenir shops on Grand Place. You can also pick up Belgian beer and honey.

In addition to handbags, Brussels also has a range of boutiques, shops, and markets. For the truly affluent, the city has luxury boutiques and antique markets. There are also covered shopping arcades throughout the city centre, some of which are modern and stylish, while others have a vintage vibe. Whether you’re looking for one-time boutiques or cutting-edge designers, Brussels offers something for everyone.

Shopping in Brussels is fun and exciting, but you should always keep a vigilant eye out for suspicious activity and follow common sense. Brussels is a safe city, but there’s always a risk of pickpocketing. Investing in a discreet money belt, such as a Pacsafe Money Belt, can help you feel safe and protect your wallet from thieves.

Maison Dandoy

New visual identity reflects the brand’s history and heritage. Inspired by the aroma of freshly baked speculoos, the visual identity includes a logo, illustrations, typography, and brisk copywriting. In addition, it includes a new baseline and portraits of craftsmen and speculoos figurine dialogues.

Maison Dandoy makes 50 different products, including biscuits, speculoos, and other Belgian speciality products. Its chefs have been working there for over forty-three years, and the company is able to source ingredients locally and internationally. One of the most popular products is the biscotti, which has been made since the 1940s. The biscotti is a traditional product that dates back to the times of rationing.

The Dod department stores also offer a wide range of designer items from local to international designers. They also sell end-of-line clearance items that are often up to 75% off the original ticket price. Both locations offer clothing for men, women, and children. Other products include sporting goods and household items.

Chocolate lovers should visit the famous chocolate shop Wittamer, which has a long history as the royal palace’s chocolatier. The chocolates are authentic and are made in Belgium. Wittamer also sells entire desserts.

Lies Mertens

Lies Mertens is a Belgian company that produces artisan handbags made of organic leather. This brand is known for its quality and timeless designs. Their handbags are a great choice for everyday use. Their designs are inspired by the lives of real people. Some of the handbags are created by friends of the designer, while others are made by a local leather workshop.

The brand was established in 2012 by Belgian designer Mieke Dierckx. Her handbags are timeless and minimalistic, with a touch of Italian craftsmanship. Their designs are incredibly timeless and are ideal for women who want to look feminine while still being functional. They also make handbags in limited editions. Their handbags are available in a range of colours.

Mien Kaba

If you’re looking for a brand-new handbag, Mien Kaba is a great place to start. The shop creates custom pieces upon request. Its innovative range is designed to cater to the changing needs of modern life. The boutique also has a following among Hollywood celebrities, including Tessa Thompson.

If you want a unique handbag made by local designers, head to Mien Kaba. You can also check out Hollands Licht, which creates lamps based on designs by famous Dutch designers. You can also shop for accessories and lighting at Studio Carmela Bogman. The brand uses recycled materials and is eco-friendly.

Luggage storage is a huge hassle when travelling, but Brussels is home to many locations offering luggage storage. It’s a great way to keep your belongings safe and at a reasonable cost. You can pay as little as $0.02 per hour to store your bags at a local store. However, this option does not guarantee that your belongings will be secure.

In addition to handbags, you can also purchase accessories. There are many designers to choose from. Joy de la Luz, for instance, is a Dutch brand founded by an artist who created all of the pieces herself. The company also produces unique and beautiful items made of 100% organic leather.


If you’re in the market for a new handbag, a trademark is a place to go. This experience platform brings together thousands of brands from the fashion, interior, and accessories industries. Trademart has something for everyone. From a new handbag to a new pair of shoes, the show has everything you need to update your wardrobe.

Trademark is one of the complete shopping experiences in Brussels. They carry everything from luxury handbags to leather accessories, travel bags, and laptop bags. There’s also a wide range of accessories like wallets, card holders, belt bags, and make-up bags.

LuggageHero provides luggage storage at a number of locations around Brussels. This convenient and affordable service is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to store their luggage on the go. You can leave your luggage at one of their locations in Brussels for just $0.02. LuggageHero has locations throughout the city, and there is an app available for both Android and iPhone users.

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