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9 Bag-o Facts That Will Surprise You!

Bags are one of the essential accessories for anyone carrying a lot. They come in all shapes and sizes, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes down to how they function in your daily life – both functionalities like carrying capacity and aesthetic qualities such as beautiful designs or styles that add flair to every outfit you put together!

Fact Number One:

Ever since the 19th century, women have been wearing handbags. In ancient times they would carry boxes around their neck in the shape of chains- but not anymore!

Fact Number Two:

This is so true. A woman was once given an old Chinese proverb to think about: “A purse on the floor leads you out of your house.”
Feng shui principles believe that if we have our economic wellness in order, all other aspects will follow suit – including how much cash flows through one’s hands!

Fact Number Three:

The Netherlands is a country of bag lovers. The Dutch are so attached to their bags that they buy an average of six per woman, not necessarily the expensive brands! Most have one or two favourite purses for every occasion with some extra favourites lurking in reserve – always ready when unexpected events arise on unexpectedly on-the-way date night tonight?

Fact Number Four:

The average Dutch woman’s handbag weighs 2.4 kilos, but this was much heavier in years past when women carried around more equipment with them on their trips abroad or just ran errands around town – especially if they were visiting family! These days though, thanks mainly due to smartphones and light laptops that have been steadily becoming more popular over time- the weight has dropped significantly lower than what it used to be at only 1 Kg per individual today (down from nearly 4).

Fact Number Five:

The handbag symbolises everything we strive to achieve: grace, elegance, and sophistication. It’s not surprising then that women spend about 76 days a year looking for their bags!

Fact Number Six:

The most common items in a handbag are keys, a wallet and a telephone. Women often carry around handkerchiefs for their noses to stop them from drying out after being outside all day long or if it’s raining heavily, but these days we can find smartphones instead!

Fact Number Seven:

The most expensive bag is a heart-shaped copy of 18-carat gold covered with 4517 diamonds. The Edition Molto Extra luxurious handbag costs around 3 million euros, or USD 4 million!

Fact Number Eight:

The bag that the woman is carrying says a lot about her. If she’s got the cash, you know something special must be in store for your wallet!

One thing we can tell from just looking at someone’s handbook-sized Gucci carry-all is how committed this individual feels to their relationship with luxury brands; after all, no other brand logos appear on these accessories, which means only one thing: 100% dedication (and maybe some envy too).

Fact Number Nine:

You might think that a woman’s bag says more about her personality than she does, but how she carries herself and what is carried within reveal much of who calls themselves by this identity. At first glance, it may seem as though one has obtained an attractive accessory or burst from their outfit with colour; however, upon closer inspection, we find such features don’t stand out so much anymore once you take note of small details like where they store keys.

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