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6 Types of Tote Bags From Thailand That Are Perfect for Carrying Groceries

At this point, the grocery store is the location we find ourselves going to most often. It is the one occasion when we get to a type of dress-up recently, so why not match it with a classy Thai tote bag to meet your needs?

As we strive to live a more environmentally responsible lifestyle, it is essential to cut down on the usage of plastic bags that are only used once and instead invest in a sturdy tote bag that can be used for shopping. However, a tote bag that serves its purpose does not have to be a single colour or even necessarily rectangular. Please scroll down to check out some of our favourite Thai tote bag companies of the moment, which use various materials (including cotton that has been recycled).

Brands of Tote Bags From Thailand

Is this want to Bangkok bag with a rainbow print something that every resident of Bangkok needs to have? That’s how we see it. It is warm, cosy, and fun to wear, all thanks to the fake fur that it is made of. As a result of its open design, it is simple to place various purchases inside of it as you go around the store.

I Am Water and Other Things Grocery Store Bag From Waterandothers

This I Am Water Store Bag is both fashionable and practical, and it was developed by Waterandothers, especially to be carried to the supermarket. The company’s emblem is printed in the centre of a checkered pattern on canvas, and the bag is strong enough to hold more weighty items. We like how it can be used for various occasions, from supermarket trips to beach holidays.

Tote bag with the inscription “Born on Saturday Sustainable Recyclé Porter.”

This Born on Saturday Sustainable Recyclé Porter tote bag is handcrafted using only recycled cotton, and there is no bleaching or use of regenerated fibres in its production. It is widely considered the top option for people seeking an eco-friendly tote bag. It comes with a message that shows how much you care about the environment and how environmentally conscious you are. A statement that accurately reflects the goods being sold.

Everyday Karmakamet Fruit Bag

You may seek anything that can be folded up and stored in your bag. This Everyday Karmakamet Fruit Bag may suit such demands. The Everyday Karmakamet Fruit Bag’s full contents can be concealed inside the little lemon, making it one of our favourite product features. It can be reused, it can be washed, and it is lightweight, making it great for grocery shopping.

Taya Living Cleo Bag

Taya Living, a Thai tote bag business, creates designs that serve several purposes and are more than simply a bag. For example, their Cleo Bag may serve as a purse for daily use and an ornament for the house. It has been produced by hand, is kind to the environment, and is very spacious and long-lasting. It works very well for carrying heavy grocery store things like jars and bottles.

Marnie Gardener Small Basket Bag

Marnie is aware that basket bags have come back in the fashion world. Although the bag is made of plastic, it demonstrates a more environmentally friendly way to repurpose plastic trash by creating a modern and fashionable multicolour plaid design tote bag. This shopping bag is built to endure and versatile enough to join you on various journeys.

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